Seaside vx Ruby vs Ajax vx ?

Brad Fuller brad at
Mon Jan 16 18:45:24 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:

> Blake wrote:
>> I'm working on an article on Seaside for DevSource (which is 
>> oriented  around Windows programmers, but which the editors have also 
>> found that  actual code, regardless of platform, is more attractive 
>> to readers than  anything else) and was wondering if anyone here had 
>> any experiences they  wanted to share on using Seaside versus using 
>> other technologies.
>> It appears to me that all these technologies are primarily concerned 
>> with  preserving state in the stateless environment of the web. Is 
>> there more to  it than that, really?
>> Also, is there an advantage, do y'all think, in Smalltalk having a 
>> plug-in  VM? That is to say, do you think it's easier to segue from 
>> Seaside to a  rich-client type experience in Smalltalk than these 
>> other technologies?
> Speaking of Ruby, etc.... Ruby and AJAX are receiving more and more 
> press these days. There was an article this weekend about Michael 
> Arrington's site: TechCrunch ( entitled "Web 2.0." 
> Ajax and Ruby were mentioned. Although it was a business article and 
> not technical in nature, the press seems to be piling up for these two.
> From I get a clearer 
> overview of AJAX. Is there a FAQ on the plus/minus of Seaside over 
> Ruby over AJAX? I think this has been discussed  briefly here (see 
> thread: " idea to squeakize! and "LiveWeb") and this is 
> informative:
> Why should someone choose/not_choose Seaside over the buzz of today 
> (Ruby or Ajax.) If there are clear advantages, or even specific 
> advantages for web developers in certain situations, it would be nice 
> to get the word out.

BTW, Avi's podcast here:
is informative too.

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