Making a pluggable primitive - basic questions

Brad Fuller brad at
Mon Jan 16 21:12:33 UTC 2006

Bob.Cowdery at wrote:

> Dave
> Thanks very much for the help. I am absolutely staggered that I 
> managed to do this and in less than an hour. Not sure I did everything 
> correct so please double check me.
> 1. Downloaded the 3.7.1 sources and win32 tools.
> 2. Ran the make on the sources, completed without error.
> 3. Now the dodgy bit. Thought I would try the new Squeak.exe it built 
> with the 3.8 image and change set. It ran up and appeared to work fine.
> 4. Filed-in my plugin class from my 3.8 system.
> 5. Ran VMMakerTool and dragged my SDRPhasingDSPPlugin into the 
> ExternalPlugins. Hit GenerateExternalPlugins and it dropped the 'C' 
> code into the plugins directory.
you can build just the one plugin if you select it, right click and 
choose "generate plugin"

> 6. Ran make again and it built just the plugin.
> 7. Copied the dll over to the root of my 3.8 system and as far as I 
> can tell it does call it because I can change the smalltalk plugin 
> code and it still executes the code I built.

> Now I need to build the real thing with all my C code (which includes 
> PortAudio) hanging off the plugin
are we both building a PortAudio plugin? What's the extent of your 
PortAudio work?

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