Making a pluggable primitive - basic questions

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Mon Jan 16 21:31:38 UTC 2006

> Dave
> Thanks very much for the help. I am absolutely staggered that I 
> managed to do this and in less than an hour. Not sure I did everything 
> correct so please double check me.
> 1. Downloaded the 3.7.1 sources and win32 tools.
> 2. Ran the make on the sources, completed without error.
> 3. Now the dodgy bit. Thought I would try the new Squeak.exe it built 
> with the 3.8 image and change set. It ran up and appeared to work fine.
> 4. Filed-in my plugin class from my 3.8 system.
> 5. Ran VMMakerTool and dragged my SDRPhasingDSPPlugin into the 
> ExternalPlugins. Hit GenerateExternalPlugins and it dropped the 'C' 
> code into the plugins directory.
you can build just the one plugin if you select it, right click and 
choose "generate plugin"

> 6. Ran make again and it built just the plugin.
> 7. Copied the dll over to the root of my 3.8 system and as far as I 
> can tell it does call it because I can change the smalltalk plugin 
> code and it still executes the code I built.

> Now I need to build the real thing with all my C code (which includes 
> PortAudio) hanging off the plugin

Brad Fuller wrote:
>> are we both building a PortAudio plugin? What's the extent of your 
>> PortAudio work?

Not exactly, at least not yet. I am building a software radio which at the
moment is just front end stuff. The signal processing is all written in C
and there are various sources of it, my own stuff, some from the Flex Radio
open source project as well as GNURadio. The processing essentially
processes an audio stream so the stream does not need to touch Squeak
although there might be some advantages if it did so. At the moment I just
have a simple phasing demodulator I am trying to hook in. The interface to
it is just a control interface, so pretty simple.


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