squeak gmane archive broken

Samir Saidani saidani at squeakfr.org
Mon Jan 16 23:18:21 UTC 2006

Not exactly, (I think !), it seems that they are out of order on the
news server as well, and that these messages are intrinsically broken
(message-ID broken).

Petr <petr at madnetwork.org> writes:

> Gmane FAQ:
> Why are all the articles out of order after doing an import?
> They aren't on the news server. On the web server they'll remain out
> of order until weaverd has rethreaded them, which'll happen six months
> later.
> Is it the problem you are referring to?
> Petr
> Samir Saidani wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I'm using intensively the squeak gmane archive through my mail
>> reader,
>> and noticed that all the threads are now broken, the result is
>> unfortunately not readable. Is it possible to fix it ? Or maybe the
>> problem was already mentionned ? I guess that it is due to the recent
>> addition of older archived mails !
>> Cheers,
>> Samir

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