Squeak and bluetooth

Alain Fischer mailinglist.fischer at bluewin.ch
Tue Jan 17 13:46:20 UTC 2006


When you say: "The vm can find the plugin" are you sure ?
What have you used to verify this ? Smalltalk listLoadedModules ?
Because I tried just now to put ObjectiveCPlugin in "Squeak\  
in "Plugins/" and in ""
and this doesn't work I have always 'a primitive has failed'.
This is normal since the convntion to search for a plugin is  
different for the CarbonMac than for the UnixMac VM.
But I just see that all seem to work nice for you wit the UnixMac VM.


On 17 janv. 06, at 13:55, Davide Varvello wrote:

> Hi Alan
>>> I don't think so, I pu the plugin in several directories one at a  
>>> time, with no luck. The vm can find the plugin but there is an  
>>> error during the inizialize of the ObjcBridge class. If oyou are  
>>> interested I can send you the SqueakDebug.log
>> My suspicion was wrong then. Where did you put the plugin in the  
>> application directory tree when the plugin was able to load ?
> I made three attempts:
> 1) /Users/davide/Squeak3.7
> 2) /Users/davide/Squeak3.7/Plugins
> 3) /Users/davide/Squeak3.7/Squeak 3.7.5Beta1.app/Contents/MacOS
> nothing works.
> Davide

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