so I downloaded the stable squeak for my OS X box...

tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Jan 18 00:06:38 UTC 2006

On 17-Jan-06, at 1:48 PM, Michael Kohout wrote:

> and now, I'm trying to fiddle with the named primitive stuff.  I  
> understand that I need to have the source of the VM in order to do  
> this, but I'm confused.  What version of the source am I using?  Am  
> I using the UNIX version?  A mac version?
Good grief, you downloaded it; didn't you pay any attention to what  
you were doing?

> I checked out head from the subversion repository but setting up  
> the build environment seems mind boggling.  And confusing, since I  
> don't know what VM I'm using.

Have you read the notes on the SM page for VMMaker? They pretty  
explicitly point out that the latest version is cut your throat  
bleeding edge. The notes for the VMMaker3.8b4 explicitly points you  
to the right  svn level/tag
What version of VMMaker are you using? Did you fetch the correct svn  
level platform tree to match that VMMaker version - the main head is  
only suited to one particular release of VMMaker and to be honest if  
you don't have some accumulated experience with building a vm a few  
times you really shouldn't use the latest releases of either.
Have you read any of the swiki documentation? The VMMaker page leads  
to a lot of information even with the current slightly f&%$ed up  
state of the swiki.

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