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Wed Jan 18 19:37:15 UTC 2006

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>> - Advise, I repeat: advise, the 3.9a team. They're entirely free to
>> completely ignore the outcome of this stuff, although if many many
>> many people vote for something and they don't do it, it'd be nice if
>> they'd give a reason;

> A few people play leaders and they feel free to completely ignore the
> complete community. You described exactly the sad state of Squeak today.

What are you talking about ? The developers take great care of
correcting issues in mantis, put each new images to ftp so that
everybody can test and command ; They also communicate on what they do
and on what they focus on. Everybody can post new things, patches... and
they will always have a look at it.

So what do you want ? If you do not agree with the process, just be
clear and describe your point of view. They read this list.

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