3.9 feature voting round

Alexandre Bergel bergel at iam.unibe.ch
Wed Jan 18 19:38:37 UTC 2006

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Am Jan 18, 2006 um 6:19 PM schrieb Cees De Groot:

> I still have that old "voting" software I once wrote as a
> proof-of-concept of what we could do with SqP's web of trust. I
> thought it'd be neat to do a round of voting about what should land in
> v3.9, now that the 3.9a team is considering going to beta.
> The team also thought it'd be need to get some structured input, so I
> cleaned up the database and it's now available for voting.
> The idea is simple:
> - Go to http://de-1.tric.nl/seaside/sqp/list
> - Login with your Squeak People account
> - Create an issue or vote on issues.
> You will see the number of votes you have constantly updated. Note: I
> haven't yet added the possibility to delete issues, and if you add an
> issue, you have to allocate at least one vote to it. So think before
> creating issues! In fact, you can't even edit an issue - which is
> logical, otherwise you could rig the voting (editing an issue should
> logically imply losing all votes that were on it before the issue).
> The SqP angle is that the higher your ranking, the more votes you get
> - Observers get none, Apprentice gets 5, Journeyer 10, Master 15. This
> is an entirely unfounded distribution and I'm not going to debate it
> here ;-).
> Note: this voting round serves two purposes:
> - Advise, I repeat: advise, the 3.9a team. They're entirely free to
> completely ignore the outcome of this stuff, although if many many
> many people vote for something and they don't do it, it'd be nice if
> they'd give a reason;
> - Check whether this sort of utility is useful.
> The software can be found in the SqueakPeople repository on  
> SqueakSource.
> Have fun!
> Cees

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~bergel

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