The state of the Squeak community

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu Jan 19 09:59:55 UTC 2006

>> - Advise, I repeat: advise, the 3.9a team. They're entirely free to
>> completely ignore the outcome of this stuff, although if many many
>> many people vote for something and they don't do it, it'd be nice if
>> they'd give a reason;
> A few people play leaders and they feel free to completely ignore  
> the complete community. You described exactly the sad state of  
> Squeak today.

I know that lot of people are reading this mailing-list and I do not  
want that you
succeed in your systematic approach to demolish what we are doing.  
Because we are
making progress, even you can systematically deny it.

We are paying a lot of attention to the community:
	We are communicating with the teams
		- web team, Morphic teams, File team...
	We will do an announce to know if other team (graphics...) have new  
changes for 3.9.
	We are taking care that lot of speed fixes and tools enh get harvested.
	We are talking care to let the people vote and participate in the  

Now you can be negative this is your right and kick our asses (I'm  
much more
exigent than you on the weaknesses of what we are doing) and even if  
Andreas is often harsh, he acts
as a good sting to kick us. I appreciate his comments.

Our goal is still to make Squeak an environment where people can  
invent their or our future
in education software (have a look 
webdev, and any developments. We are always cautious that changes is  
difficult and may break other code.

Come on martin stop to be frustrated and participate (review fixes,  
join a team, have fun
life is too short to get frustrated all the time). At one point  
people will start to put your address in their
spam filter and you will have lost and us too, since if you comment  
would be constructiv and you would participate
we would have all gain something at the end of the day. But again  
this is your choice.


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