The state of the Squeak community

Martin Wirblat sql.mawi at
Thu Jan 19 15:38:31 UTC 2006

stéphane ducasse wrote:
> I do not understand why you want to oppose traits and tweak.
> There is no such an opposition, after this is clear that there will  be 
> some work (but the problem is not with traits)
> to remove Morphic and use Tweak but we already said to andreas long  
> time ago that we are ready to help.
> Apparently as usual you are talking but without knowing.


the last thing Andreas said regarding 3.9 with Traits in relation to 
Tweak was, that because of a series of errors he ran into caused by the 
class/metaclass changes by Traits and given the pain he experienced 
while porting Tweak to 3.8 he didn't want to investigate these errors 
further, and he didn't even mention making another port of Tweak to 3.9.

Moreover he gave an interesting and *skeptical or cautious* overview 
about what Traits is and what it is not in his opinion.

You responded to this post but as usual you ignored its implications. In 
fact you keep on ignoring Andreas' complaints about what you stuff into 
the update stream since a long time. Moreover, you try to turn down 
every skeptical opinion about Traits. At least you ignore it.

But, you could proof me wrong, here and now, and I will withdraw my 
assertion that you behave ignorantly. Just agree to the idea that Squeak 
makes from now on a minimalistic release Squeak-Core, with Squeak-Traits 
and Squeak-Tweak (and perhaps others) on top of it.


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