marking active menu items

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Thu Jan 19 18:17:49 UTC 2006

So I take it you are not interested in only showing
active items..  As far as I know, MenuItemMorphs don't
have a 'enabled' boolean but you could probably
subclass MenuItemMorph to add it..

Re: 3.8 debugger display issue..  I noticed an issue
in the debugger too related to the code it
*hightlights*, but only when Shout was enabled.  If
Shout is disabled in the Preferences (sorry can't try
it now myself, not at a Squeak computer) is it still a

 - Chris

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> Subject: marking active menu items
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> I need to create a menu in which the selectable
> items (MenuItemMorphs)
> are sometimes active and sometimes inactive.
> For inactive items nothing is done when they are
> selected from the menu.
> Currently, I plan to indicate the difference by
> using a line (MenuLineMorph)
> to separate the items into two groups with the
> active items above.
> I consider this to be a poor solution for various
> reasons.  I wonder if
> anyone can propose
> a better solution and preverably a more standard
> solution to this problem.
> The simpler and more portable the solution the
> better.
> Currently, I am using Squeak  3.6.  I will soon be
> porting to  3.7 so I can
> use a Squeak 3.7 solution.
> Porting to 3.8 has been delayed because displaying a
> method in the debugger
> displays the wrong text in a method.  The displayed
> text is off by one
> character for each assignment
> operator preceding the displayed text.
> (The displayed text is the text of the current
> message send in the method)
> I am using the Linux version of Squeak.
> Thanks
> Ralph Boland
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