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Fri Jan 20 21:19:51 UTC 2006

Welcome Nigel.  Refactoring activities are functional
but less-polished in Squeak than in commercial tools. 
I will have to defer to someone else for keyboard
shortcuts for refactoring.  Overall, I think
*keyboard-only* support in Squeak's UI is poor; you
pretty much have to constantly use the mouse to "fly
around" the IDE.

Having said that, I also should say that where
keyboard support is provided, it is quite superior to
eclipse (don't know about C# tools) in some ways.  For
example, the filtering menu lists allow you to type
your way to the desired selections.

If you are used to eclipse or other windowsy tools
then the Squeak IDE definitely takes some getting used
to.  As someone who has become accustomed to it over
several years, I now find it more efficient than any
commercial tool I've used; mainly because it seems to
do more with less.  For example, compare the number of
gestures to switch the positive-negative conditions of
a if/else blocks vs. Command+e in Squeak.

FYI, for keyboard help, select World menu | help |
command-key help.

I change a couple of the default commands to behave
differently to my taste, this is a good exercise for a
newbie and rewarding in productivity..

Good luck, have fun!

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> Hi Guys,
> I have been using Resharper with C# for a long time
> and have come to rely on
> automated refactorings for rapid development. I have
> been fully aware that
> refactoring's origins are in the smalltalk
> community. I am therefore amazed
> that on first impressions the refactoring support in
> Squeak doesn't seem to
> be very extensive. I find this hard to believe, so I
> must be missing
> something..
> I have the refactoring browser installed and use it
> as my code editor. I
> have managed to rename classes and methods fine. I
> found a bug with 'extract
> local variable' but it mainly seems to work ok. Are
> there any shortcut key
> presses I can use rather than reverting to using the
> mouse to perform each
> of these refactorings?
> I feel that smalltalk has the potential to be my all
> time favorite
> development language, I just need to get my head
> around how to fly around
> the Squeak UI and use it as an IDE.
> Has anyone got any pointers?
> please forgive the new-bee questions. If there is a
> better place to ask
> these then please let me know.
> Thanks in advance.
> Nigel
> --
> Nigel Thorne
> Extreme Programmer & Coach

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