yet another smallest snapshot, and a visualization

Craig Latta craig at
Sat Jan 21 08:02:32 UTC 2006

Hi Andreas--

 > > ...the virtual machine gets the object address for the
 > > special-objects array from the snapshot header... Indirectly from
 > > that array (through the Processor and its active process) it finds
 > > the active context and continues execution.
 > This is interesting to me. Do you think it is feasable to take out all
 > of the process management from the VM and put it back in, say, via a
 > plugin?

	Yes indeed!

	As Tim mentioned, we could change the snapshot header format to get rid 
of the scheduler and several of the other "special" objects from the 
initial snapshot (I wanted the 1337 snapshot to be runnable by VMs 
currently out there).

 > There are probably a few issues wrt. timers etc. but what I'd be
 > curious about is whether such a VM could be used as a step towards a
 > native multi-threaded version (e.g., run multiple versions of that VM
 > to achieve concurrency)?

	Sure. In fact, concurrent operation (but across many distinct machines) 
is one of the things I plan to do with Spoon.


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