Browser visibility

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Sat Jan 21 08:50:19 UTC 2006


RB does not support what you are looking for. I think that  
OmniBrowser would be a nice place to add this functionality.
We hope to get icons soon. Romain is working on using services to  
bring refactorings into OB and a lot of behavior.
Sounds like we should integrate the changes of Cees too.


> What I like is setting visibility of methods to a specific class.  The
> browser shows me all methods in all classes up to that level.  Then  
> if I
> need to override a method I make a change to it.  When I accept the  
> method
> it asks what class (in the hierarchy) to write the method in.  I was
> creating a SharedQueueSorted and this would have made things much  
> easier.
> I found the RB Browser, but I didn't see visibility.  Just Move up  
> and Move
> down.  Are there more features that I'm missing?
> Ron
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>>> I'm not sure how that is handled in VW, but you may want to do a
>>> search for Cees's RefractoringBrowser.
>> I was about to respond that earlier today, but didn't you mean method
>> visibility up the class hierarchy, Ron?

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