[ANN] 3.9a6717

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Jan 21 10:35:11 UTC 2006

Yes another release for testing:



	Some Changes form the ClosureCompiler
	Name: SUnitGUI-lr.4
	- changed the label from 'Essential Test Runner' to 'Test Runner',  
since there is no other 	anymore this makes no sense to distinguish
	- renamed the button 'Run All' to 'Run Selected' to avoid confusion
	Change Set:		fileinUndeclared-bf
	Date:			12 January 2006
	Author:			Bert Freudenberg
	When filing in, do not ask whether it's okay to moveclass var to  
Undeclared. Just move it.
	Change Set:		DebuggerMVCSchedulingFix-dtl
	Date:			12 December 2005
	Author:			David T. Lewis
	Mantis bug 0002359: Debugger in MVC opens in next available Morphic  
	Name: CollectionsTests-zz.11
	Author: zz
	Add more tests to several Collection classes : Array, Association,  
Dictionary, Heap, Interval, 	LinkedList, OrderedCollection,  
SequenceableCollection, SortedCollection
	All tests are green ;-)
	added haltOnce (with halt on count, inspect at count, and inspect  
until count)
	removed emptyCheck from OrderedCollection removeLast, removeFirst

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