Is VM compilable with interp.c instead of gnu-interp.c ?

Vagelis Savvas vagy at
Sat Jan 21 22:12:01 UTC 2006

Hi folks,
i am trying to compile the 3.6.2 VM on Windows using a
Borland compiler (in order to have a decent debugger).
Thus i cant use gnu-interp.c which requires labels as values
(BC_JUMP_TABLE in sqGnu.h is unaccepted for the Borland compiler).
I've managed to build the VM and all internal plugins
with minor source code changes (mostly to deal with union
member access). So i'm pretty confident that i havent broken
Unfortunately i am getting a runtime error about an invalid
floating point operation at the very beggining of the
VM's execution. The error happens in loadFloatOrIntFrom
which in my case gets called from primitiveFloatEqualtoArg(..)
(which gets called at primitive 182).
After tweaking all possible compiler options that felt
like having an effect on the problem i gave up and started
typing what you are reading right now.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Andreas? Tim?



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