Is VM compilable with interp.c instead of gnu-interp.c ?

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Sat Jan 21 22:46:15 UTC 2006

I can testify that I sucessfully built and ran the 3.7 VM from interp.c.

I built the 3.7 VM with Visual C++ 6.0 under Window 2000 without trouble (I
used VMMaker to set up the sources - and I forget what else).

That gave me a traceable debug version of the VM, which may not be as useful
as it sounds since I have no way to display Squeak objects and evironments
in the debugger.

I forget the exact steps I used to build everything.  I think I got the
directions from the Swiki about a year ago, built a release version with the
version of mingw32 they recommended (and bundled in a tar somewhere?) ...
and then put together a Visual C++ project that built a debug version that
works with Microsoft's debugger..

Anyway the micrsoft build works.

Joshua Scholar
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Subject: Is VM compilable with interp.c instead of gnu-interp.c ?

> Hi folks,
> i am trying to compile the 3.6.2 VM on Windows using a
> Borland compiler (in order to have a decent debugger).
> Thus i cant use gnu-interp.c which requires labels as values
> (BC_JUMP_TABLE in sqGnu.h is unaccepted for the Borland compiler).
> I've managed to build the VM and all internal plugins
> with minor source code changes (mostly to deal with union
> member access). So i'm pretty confident that i havent broken
> anything.
> Unfortunately i am getting a runtime error about an invalid
> floating point operation at the very beggining of the
> VM's execution. The error happens in loadFloatOrIntFrom
> which in my case gets called from primitiveFloatEqualtoArg(..)
> (which gets called at primitive 182).
> After tweaking all possible compiler options that felt
> like having an effect on the problem i gave up and started
> typing what you are reading right now.
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Andreas? Tim?
> Regards
> Vagelis
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