Bizarre happening in my plugin

Bob.Cowdery at Bob.Cowdery at
Sun Jan 22 14:26:37 UTC 2006

John M. McIntosh wrote:

> It's the
> self cCode: 'return value'

Getting there, but clearly I don't completely understand yet.

Here's the code in calling order. I get 'Primitive Mode Change failed' from
this. The dll is called ok from the run/stop so it has to be parameters

primModeChng: mode
  	<primitive: 'modeChng' module:'SDRPhasingDSPPlugin'>
	Transcript show: 'Primitive Mode Change failed'.
  	^ false

modeChng: mode
	self export: true.

	self 	primitive: 'Sideband'
		parameters: #(SmallInteger).

			cCode: 'SetSideband(mode)'
			inSmalltalk: [false])
		ifFalse: [^ interpreterProxy primitiveFail].

# the generated function and the function it calls
EXPORT(int) Sideband(void) {
	int mode;

	mode = interpreterProxy->stackIntegerValue(0);
	if (interpreterProxy->failed()) {
		return null;
	if (!(SetSideband(mode))) {
		return null;
	if (interpreterProxy->failed()) {
		return null;
	return null;

int SetSideband( int sideband )
 	 m_sideband = sideband;
 	 return true;


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