Decision processes (was: Re: The state of the Squeak community)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Mon Jan 23 10:56:49 UTC 2006


>>> Anyway, I suggested last week on the SqF board list that we find  
>>> a 4.0
>>> team lead - 3.9a is approaching beta status, and I hope the beta
>>> period will be short so 4.0 development can start soon.
>> '3.9' asVersion next ==> '3.10' asVersion
> Exactly. The 4.0 appellation needs to be reserved for a jump to a  
> much cleaner system that deserves a new release of the sources file.
> For a very long time we've been talking (waffling?) about making a  
> break and adopting a new compiled method format, cutting out a lot  
> of ancient backwards compatible dross, ... oh, lots. 4.0 really  
> ought to be that.

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