Squeak Fan Mail

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Jan 23 18:02:16 UTC 2006

> Goran, Stef, Daniel, et. Al,
> I appreciate all of the good work you and the rest of the  
> coordinators have
> done keeping the community together.  Your willingness to step in  
> and keep
> things in some semblance of order is a great thing.  There are a  
> lot of us
> mere “users” out there who are thankful for gifted people who are  
> willing
> to give of their time and talents to keep this fine place to think  
> evolving
> in positive directions.

As I said my personal goal is to have a system that support the  
vision of Dan:
	"A system that one person could understand" because I think that  
this is
really cool to be able to learn from the system.

> I use Squeak in various places to:
> Prototype ideas and perform parsing that other environments render
> impossible.  Smacc and NetModel are very cool.

Can you let me know what is NetModel?

> Connectors and the Diagram Browser aare powerful tools for creating  
> class
> and database diagrams.  I hope that Hernan can update Jacaranda to
> Connectors 2 some day.  I miss having his classes to subclass off  
> of.  Who
> needs Erwin when you have Squeak!
> Squeak is a great place to show my Boy Scouts what a real computer  
> language
> and development environment can be.  I mentor the Computer badge.
> I hope life and work will allow me to contribute more than kind  
> words in
> the future.

me too :)
> Tap

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