yet another smallest snapshot, and a visualization

tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Jan 23 18:29:07 UTC 2006

On 23-Jan-06, at 9:57 AM, Chris Muller wrote:

> Tim wrote:
>> All sorts of
>> fun possibilities if one has the tim and funding
> Is that a typo
Typo? No, just the simple truth.

> or were you subliminally submitting
> your resume to Craig?   ;)
Interesting thought. I've been Craig's boss, his colleague, maybe  
it's time he got off his bum and got funding so he can be my boss?  
Yeah, that's it!
Step 1. think of cool project name (check)
Step 2. hire well known person(s)
Step 3. some tedious businessy stuff
Step 4. IPO, retire, become long winded boring pundit.

tim Rowledge; tim at;
"E=Mc^5...nahhh...E=Mc^4...nahh...E=Mc^3...ah, the hell with it."

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