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stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Jan 23 18:30:31 UTC 2006

Read read the nasa is using Squeak for....

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> From: Ted Shab <tshab at email.arc.nasa.gov>
> Date: 23 janvier 2006 18:30:44 HNEC
> To: ecoop-info at ecoop.org
> Subject: [ecoop-info] MCT Architect at NASA/Ames in Mountain View, CA
> A team at NASA Ames Research Center is looking for a system  
> architect to help us design, develop, and deploy a component-based  
> framework for building NASA mission control systems. This project  
> is at a point where they need someone with serious chops to help  
> translate the preliminary design and prototypes into a state-of-the- 
> art yet practical and deployable system. The architect would be  
> joining an up-and-running, 10+person team of engineers and  
> designers. The design includes elements of user-level composition,  
> model-driven user interfaces, dynamic assembly of components  
> according to ontology-specified roles, distributed components, etc.  
> etc. We are currently building a pilot in Java / Eclipse RCP, and a  
> parallel testbed for user-experience exploration in Squeak  
> (Smalltalk) (really). The resulting framework will be used by the  
> various NASA centers (e.g. Ames, JPL, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy  
> Space Center, etc) to build distributed, multi-mission systems for  
> planning and executing a variety of NASA missions, including  
> robotic (e.g. Mars rovers & deep-space probes) and manned (e.g. the  
> new Moon/Mars exploration effort, including the Crew Exploration  
> Vehicle currently being designed).
> Position is located in Mountain View, California, at NASA/Ames, a  
> NASA research center.  We can work with individuals on residency  
> issues.
> Interested parties should send a resume to tshab at mail.arc.nasa.gov
> Thanks!
> --Ted
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