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Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at
Tue Jan 24 08:27:21 UTC 2006

Andreas Raab a écrit :
> Hi Goran,
> goran at wrote:
>> One other thing I would like noted is that Andreas explicitly did not
>> "acknowledge" the Coordinators-group in any way when we contacted him as
>> a contact person for Croquet and Tweak, but he took the role anyway as
>> an "envoy". I would only assume that goes for the current board too
>> (after the merge with Stephane and Noury).
> I'm actually looking forward to changing that relation when there is a 
> board that has an actual mandate by the community. Even if it's a rough 

It is a bit like moving the cursor on step, but without a solution.

Now can you define community?  Hum, even more important define what is 
"a representative community" with voting power?

I will give one example. The Debian project, at a first look it is very 
democratic, there are regular election to take decision on the direction 
to take. But looking more accurately about what is this community (with 
the right to vote) it is quite restrictive. Indeed, the Debian community 
is only composed of Debian developpers which are coopted after a quite 
long examination process.
Therefore, this Debian developper community is not the larger Debian 
user community. Hug! it will be a real mess if this whole community 
could vote and probably it will just make collapse the Debian project.

I still think that the 1st important thing who matter is to have 
brillant people, like you, working all together. And only those people 
making real the things should have the right to vote to make choice in 
the direction to take. It is just common sense.


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