wxsqueak no morphic ?

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at praguesoft.cz
Thu Jan 26 02:32:05 UTC 2006

Try to open WxDemoFrame in latest wxSqueak image. Expand node "Other
samples" and run demo for "SqueakDevTools" - this is a wxWidgets based
System Browser! I really like the idea of "native looked squeak
development enviroment" (via wxWidgets), but it's not ready for
production yet...


serge vi píše v St 25. 01. 2006 v 22:16 +0100:
> Maybe it has been asked before, but i was wondering if it was possible 
> to imagine a squeak starting directly with wx widgets and without 
> morphic ( to be smaller).
> It's not i don't like morphic of course, but i'm working on long term UI 
> projects and i would dreaaam about doing it in squeak. My problem is 
> that the targeted public won't like the morphic look, either the 
> all-in-one-window design.
> After playing a little with wxSqueak, i realized that it was for me the 
> perfect match of multi platform UI , cool Dev environment ...etc..etc.. 
> I won't explain you all why Squeak is a great dev platform , will i ?
> Thank you in advance for the time you will take to think about :)

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