Squeak, gumstix, robots, and SmartRefStreams

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Thu Jan 26 04:25:52 UTC 2006

Dave Hylands wrote:
> The ARM processor uses a weird layout for doubles (8 byte floats). The
> 4 byte words are in little endian format, but the pair of 4 byte words
> is in big endian order (at least I think I got it right).
> Does Squeak do interpretation of the floating point itself? I guess
> the VM might be doing some kind of compensation.

Dunno if this helps any, but in the PostgreSQL Client
there's a test (#testFunctioanCall2) which invokes
a postgres function call and checks the result.
IIRC, the function call takes arguments and returns
results in the native binary format of the postgres
server - could be wrong here. I made the test pass
by trial and error, and it may not really be portable
across different client/rdb platforms. There's a few
routines there that convert the arg/return values
to/from "some" 8-byte format. HTH.

Yanni Chiu

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