Croquet big project tender

Nicholas Bennett nicholasjbennett at
Thu Jan 26 22:44:58 UTC 2006

I would be interested in contributing.

I pulled the 'technical' tender doc from:

My spanish is rudimentary but I think some salient points re the tender are:
- tender due 9 march 06 in spanish
- they want 100 interactive units for the 'difusion of science' - 
- they have a list of about 50 points that must be hit
- for the tender they want documentation of each of the 100 'units'.
- the documentation of a unit should consist of a description, a functional 
analysis, a technical analysis, and a pedagogical analysis, maybe even a 
proof of concept / demo
- I'm not sure when they want delivery, but I get the impression (maybe 
wrong) that they would pay post delivery of all 100 units.

I can contribute to the tender doc and by design and build of units. I have 
worked in smalltalk and used squeak on and off over some years.


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>Subject: Re: Croquet big project tender
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>If anyone is interested in joining up to form a small consortium to
>bid on this project, I would be all ears...

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