[ANN] Chronos Version B1.18 Published

Alan Lovejoy squeak-dev.sourcery at forum-mail.net
Sun Jan 29 22:12:54 UTC 2006

Version B1.18 of Chronos has been published.  Chronos is a Date/Time Library
that provides extensive date/time computation/manipulation services.  More
information about Chronos, including the download of version B1.18, is
available from the Chronos web site [http://www.chronos-st.org].
The Version B1.18 Publication announcement
on the Chronos Blog [http://chronos-st.blogspot.com] provides additional
In future, only really major announcements about Chronos will be made on
comp.lang.smalltalk or the Squeak mailing list (e.g, non-beta releases.)
Most news, including the publication of new versions (usually,) will only
appear on the Chronos Blog [http://chronos-st.blogspot.com].
Note: Since it was announced on Christmas day, some of you may have missed
the fact that the Chronos License has been changed to the MIT License:
http://www.chronos-st/License.html (I know  that at least Stephane missed
this announcement)
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