Error while setting jpeg background from file (primitive failed)

tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Jan 30 04:36:36 UTC 2006

On 29-Jan-06, at 10:58 AM, Andreas Raab wrote:
> Fixing this will not be easy - if a VM change is required it means  
> that older images will fail on newer VMs and vice versa.
Ah, well, not absolutely definite. It's tacky but one could make a vm  
that works out the offset to the class name and uses a var from then  
on. Assuming for example that the traitsComposition is in the place  
where name was expected we could check for a byte array (implying  
name, old image) against oop array (traits, new image). Very yucky  
but functional and doable- had to do something of this sort in VW  
once. Old vm would support old image, new vm would support either.  
Old vm with new image would work kinda - as shown by the fact that  
nobody had noticed this in all the traits development. And we never  
claim total compatability in both directions.

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