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Cees De Groot cdegroot at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 19:23:58 UTC 2006

On 1/30/06, Simon Kirk <Simon.Kirk at pinesoft.co.uk> wrote:
>  I'm not sure what MCC is. Is it MC2? I have read in the list that the
> performance of MC2 is vastly improved over MC.
MCC is MonticelloConfigurations, a simple add-on package to store
configurations of package versions, so you can load back a release
whenever you need to patch against it.

> Let's face it: the easier that transition is the better, because I think
> Squeak has such massive potential and every block that stops it being
> adopted is a Very Bad Thing (tm).
You're absolutely right. I think that we're making progress here, but
the problem is that we're changing Squeak (in all its facets) so fast
that it is extremely hard to keep up with documentation.

For example (and this should help boosting your trust in Monticello),
just two years ago (I think) everyone was still exchanging changesets
etcetera. MC took the community by storm, and has changed how people
work on every level (from publishing private packages via
SqueakSource, another major enabler, to how 3.9a is developed).

>  I may have mislead a bit here as well - it was a single system, but it was
> about 50 seperate CVS (then svn) modules which were combined using
> J2EE/Tomcat/Eclipse cleverness into one coherant system :)
Sorry. I have to run for a bucket :P

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