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Simon Kirk Simon.Kirk at pinesoft.co.uk
Tue Jan 31 09:46:48 UTC 2006

Peter Crowther wrote:

>>From: [...] Simon Kirk
>>The only other need for a strict branching discipline is maverick 
>>developers who have a habit of refactoring large swathes of shared 
>>library code in the main codebase that impact other people, live 
>>deployments, testing, etc. How would you suggest stopping people from 
>>being able to do this sort of thing?
>First offence: Being beaten over the head ritually with the procedures
>manual, in which it is said that You Don't Do That.
>Second offence: Being transferred to an XP team, where such behaviour is
>Third offence (if they manage to alienate the XP people): Dynamite.  Or
>being assigned Wally (from Dilbert) as a pair programmer.
>More seriously... there's not really a technical way of preventing this.
>Human approaches are required, which can (should?) include removing the
>maverick from the project, and possibly the company.  Seems harsh, but
>I've seen such a person wreck a project.
>		- Peter
Heh! No, there's no actual person doing this (thankfully), just that 
everybody's guilty of it from time to time (even if by accident), so I 
was just curious. Being assigned Wally would be cruel and unusual 
punishment - but for a third offense most likely just.

I do agree that if somebody does this regularly they can be a danger to 
a project. I think that's where being able to keep an eye on the changes 
going in via something like RSS is handy.


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