question(s) from a newcomer Squeak-fan about changes and images

Jeroen van Hilst jeroen at
Tue Jan 31 19:05:44 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I've been playing with Squeak (and smalltalk) for a bit now, and i just LOVE

Being an old school programmer im still a bit overwhelmed by the concept
(and all consequences of that) ... ;).

One of the things i'm having a hard time with to 'grasp' is the relation
between the image and the changes file.

What i think to understand is:
- the changes file keeps all changes done to the image. I Never have to
explicitly save the (current) changes file...
- image file is saved when i ask for it... and keeps all contents (data) of
the current world.
- then there is also a sources file which is like changes but "readonly" ?

What i dont get is, do these files just grow forever ?.
Or do i (at a certain point in development) incorparate all changes in the
image and then start a new changes file ?

I've also seen the SqueakLight image, how is a thing like this made ?

I have seen and looked at the diff manager, and i understand its meaning (in
a cvs kind of understanding), but im
unsure of the whole concept of it.

I hope this makes any sense ...

Keep up the good work!

from a new admirer,

 - Jeroen

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