[squeakRos] RV: [Morphic] I wish know when was the last image in what Nebraska performs as designed

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Tue Jan 31 21:56:33 UTC 2006


> I found 0489
> "Change Set:        nebraskaFix
> Date:            28 September 2005
> Author:            Yoshiki Ohshima
> Make Nebraska work (again) in Vancouver image."
> Must fileOut and fileIn in 3.9 also ?

  Ah, yeah^^;  It should be, too.

> Curious, what is the Vancouver image ?

  There is a "flag-ship" image for our internal use that is similar to
3.8 but with bunch of enhancement for demo.

> Also found 
> 0483
> "Change Set:        WideSymbolIntern
> Date:            10 September 2005
> Author:            Takashi Yamamiya
> Do intern wide symbol when load a project.
> "
> I think this could cure several project loading problems I have

  Not sure if the type of the problems you have.  There is a similar
one later in the stream for WideSymbols, but if you don't use any
characters out of latin-1, it shouldn't be relevant.

-- Yoshiki

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