Saving morphs to file

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Tue Jul 18 09:27:20 UTC 2006

Marcus Denker wrote:
> With the NewCompiler, the structure of the Closure is completely static,
> it just references a method that encodes the code of the block and the
> environment for the iVar access:
> a BlockClosure (1599)
> root: a BlockClosure (1599)
>     method: a CompiledMethod (1605)
>     environment: a TT
>         i: nil
> even with an outer temp reference, the picture does not get more 
> complicated:

But temps aren't the problem (never have been except from the issue of 
sharing those temps in the frame of the outer method). It's iVars which 
are the problem and unless I'm completely mistaken, there is no solution 
to that problem in CC either (if there is, please correct me).

   - Andreas

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