appears to be down

Benjamin Pollack benjamin.pollack at
Mon May 1 04:30:37 UTC 2006

All of Minnow is down at the moment. I asked around on IRC and was
informed that the Swiki is being pulled from GA Tech and will be
posted again at some indefinite point in the future on Squeak's main

I have to say that, if this is in fact why Minnow is down, I'm a bit
concerned on two points. During the board election a month ago,
several candidates strongly emphasized how they really valued
increasing communication about what was going on. I'd hope that if the
the Swiki, which is the sole source of a lot of information about
Squeak, were to go down for an indefinite period of time, someone
involved would at least post a message to the list letting us know
what was going on. Except as a response to my inquiry today, I cannot
even find any reference in IRC explaining why the Swiki is down. (And,
of course, if the Swiki is *not* currently having scheduled downtime,
but people think that it is, that's another problem that also should
be dealt with.)

I'm also concerned by the fact this exposes we have a nasty
single-source failure in the Squeak community. When the Swiki goes
down, a tremendous amount of documentation disappears with it. That
can be a rather nasty disruption if you're trying to give someone a
tutorial on Morphic, which I was trying to do this afternoon. I
discovered long after I gave up that there is a static mirror at, but
the links to the mirrors are (you guessed it) located on the Swiki,
which is down. That's a bit of a catch-22. Would it be possible for
the web team to add a link to the backup somewhere on the Squeak


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