How does a newbie get past the feeling thay he is trying to understand an elephant whilst looking through a keyhole?

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Mon May 1 12:51:56 UTC 2006

Roel Wuyts puso en su mail :

> Hello,
> As other people mentioned, getting started with Smalltalk is the
> toughest part (unlike most scripting languages like php, where it is
> the opposite -- try to get some real work done after an initial
> period of wonder and everything-goes).
> What might help is:
> 1) (as was already mentions) : try to fix a goal. What do you want to
> learn about first ? Morphic (then build a kind of GUI application),
> network library (write a newsfeed client), ...
> 2) you might want to use tools like eCompletion or RoelTyper to
> figure out some dependencies between classes.
> 3) you might want to use the StarBrowser so that you can keep some of
> the classes that interest you in classifications. For me this helps
> sometimes to build my own structure for understanding code.
> Note that all of these approaches are bottom-up. I second the need
> for top-down information. What I planned to do some years back was to
> launch the StarBrowser with some beginner classifications that for
> example contain some of the most used collections, some Morphic
> classes, etc.

What Roels say reminds me to send again this:

Courtesy of Morphic Team, here you could have a .zip with some of class
hierarchy in new Morphic clasification, I attach the small .jpg for you have
the idea of what is in .zip

This is the complete list, produced from Squeak with GraphViz module from
John Pierce

Morphic-Menus class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Menus class
Morphic-Pluggable Widgets class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Pluggable Widgets class
Morphic-Support class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Support class
Morphic-Text Support class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Text Support class
Morphic-Widgets class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Widgets class
Morphic-Windows class hierarchy.jpg
Morphic-Windows class
Movies class hierarchy.jpg
Movies class
Speech class hierarchy.jpg
Speech class
Nebraska class hierarchy.jpg
Nebraska class
BalloonMMFlash class hierarchy.jpg
BalloonMMFlash class

Possible uses is you could have a clear understanding of Morphic or amazing
friends with wall size versions of jpg and hard copy of NASA job search
about Squeak :=)


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