[ANN] 3.9a7026 - Some thoughts...

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Mon May 1 20:22:25 UTC 2006

Le Mardi 02 Mai 2006 00:02, Cesare Marilungo a écrit :
> > - #romanString in SmallInteger is no more implemented. So selecting
> > roman numerals in the watch object morph raises an error.
> Just found that this is fixed by calling printStringRoman instead of
> romanString which is deprecated (even in 3.8) and has been discarded in
> 3.9alphas Integer class.
> Meanwhile, I've found another bug in the 'clipboard' morph: changing
> font, style and alignment via halos doesn't work (it revert the change
> after a second).
> Keep up with the good work.
> Ciao,
> c.

Hi Cesare,

I am a four month old squeaker, but elder will correct me if i am wrong

i suggest you simply create an account on mantis at 

There, it is very simple via any web browser to search if the bug has been 
reported or not, and if not, to report it.

If you have fixed the bug already, create a separate ChangeSet with the 
correction, fileOut and upload on the mantis site.

If you have a piece of code showing the bug, also upload it (not always easy 
with graphics...).

I think the guys at the other end of the pipe harvesting bugs and fixes will 
have a lot of job if we all start to publish, but this is easier for them to 
track these on mantis than on squeak-dev.


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