Confusion with instances and events

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On 5/1/06, Cowdery, Bob [UK] <Bob.Cowdery at> wrote: 

I have some other components which are created like so in the workspace
'SDRButtonContainer newWithInteractors: (SDRFilterButtonBox new).'. This
simply has a class initialise which takes a bunch of buttons. Odd thing
is the events work here but 'SDRButtonContainer allInstances' still
gives me nothing. I don't know therefore if these things are linked or
separate problems. 

 Ralph Johnson wrote: 

There isn't enough information for me to figure out your main problem,
but I think I know this one.


I bet that newWithInteractors: does not actually create an instance of
SDRButtonContainer.  You say it "ismply has a class initialise" so I
think you are just storing the arguments in a variable of the class, but
do not actually create an instance of the class.  Note that
SDRButtonContainer is a class, it is not itself a SDRButtonContainer.
So, it has not instances and allInstances SHOULD return nothing. 


In general, we will need more info to debug this.  Give more code.


It is being created Ralph, but see below.


Tom Phonex wrote:

This sounds as if your object was garbage collected. If you want to keep
your object, store it somewhere. Objects that aren't stored anywhere get
cleaned up.


Well, it's the obvious reason, but I couldn't see why the behavior was
different. Now I can. Some components set maps that create an indirect
reference to the parent, others don't. The ones that don't do get
garbage collected which up to now hasn't mattered because all calls in
these components are to the morph not the parent. I think I will stop
doing this stuff in the workspace and write a script to properly create
and clean up the instances.


Thanks both for your help.




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