Counting from zero

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Tue May 2 04:46:12 UTC 2006

We certainly don't want to add complexity without necessity.  But that
is not the reason to avoid "countZero".

In general, if your Smalltalk program knows whether the lowest index
of a collection is 1 or 0 then there is probably something wrong with
it.  Use enumeration protocol.  Say do: and collect: instead of
whileTrue:.  If you need to iterate over the index of a collection,
use keysAndValuesDo:

I bet that in a typical month of Smalltalk programming, I don't ever
need to know whether arrays are indexed starting from 1 or 0.  That is
a low-level implementation detail.  Arrays are low-level
implementation details.  Program at a high level!

-Ralph Johnson

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