[ANN] 3.9a7026 - Some thoughts...

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Tue May 2 06:36:17 UTC 2006

Le Mardi 02 Mai 2006 00:54, Cesare Marilungo a écrit :
> Anyway, can you explain me the correct procedure to fileout a changeset
> just for the methods I've modified and where to add the comments I see
> in other's people changesets?

All changes are registered in a list of changes called a changeSet.
Several changeSet exist in parallel in the image, to help classifying.
When you change something, it is remembered in the current changeSet.

In the world menu, select 'changes...'.

Then in the sub menu 'dual change sorter'

You get too panels in parrallel :
left pane=list of changeSet
right list=list of class names which have some changes
middle panel=list of selector which have changes for selected class in the 
right list
bottom panel=sourceCode of selected selector in the middle panel

On the right side, select menu 'new change set...', give it a name like 

Then on the left side (current changeSet is selected by default), browse what 
class or selector change is relevant to the patch, and use menu 'move class 
chgs to other side' or 'move method to other side'.

On the right side select fileOut and you get a file 
Morphic-romanPrinting-Patch.1.cs the first time, 
Morphic-romanPrinting-Patch.2.cs if you repeat the fileOut, etc...

Warning: the operation of creating a changeSet also make it the default 
changeSet. On the left side, select menu 'make changes go to me'.

For the comments, i did not check, try and explore the menus...


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