Peeping At The KeyHole

Michael Latta lattam at
Tue May 2 19:00:37 UTC 2006

>	I think the most important benefit is making the system easier to
> understand. With that, one can more effectively and pleasantly compose and
> decompose systems.

> -C

Even if the entire image retained all the same classes/methods making it
modular and well layered will improve understanding of the system for those
wanting to understand the underlying system.

Modularization will help to a degree the novice user as well, but not as
much.  Knowing that certain methods were added by a module informs the
purpose of the method a bit more, but does not really help in the slow
introduction of complexity from a novice's point of view.

Modularization will also impose a bit more discipline on the development
process and help organize the work.  That can only be a good thing.  The
effort in modularizing will also have found issues that got cleaned up that
might not have been found otherwise.  It will also make it easier to produce
more special purpose images for headless use and so on.

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