Peeping At The KeyHole

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Tue May 2 19:26:15 UTC 2006

Good point, seeing only the code that is the result of execution, very cool.
 BTW, how did you ever solve your issue about methods implemented in superclasses..
 i.e., in the master image I have MyDomainClass>>#name, but Object>>#name has already been faulted down, so I'm not getting the correct implementation because DNU was not invoked..

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Hi Chris--

 > ...the only real benefit to extreme modularisation (that I see) is
 > reducing size of the image (which is already much smaller than
 > standard Java footprint anyway).  Unless wanting to run on a PDA or
 > specialized application, a small image isn't such a big deal.

    I think the most important benefit is making the system easier to
understand. With that, one can more effectively and pleasantly compose
and decompose systems.


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