Problems while installing via SqueakMap and also direct file-in

goran at goran at
Wed May 3 07:06:48 UTC 2006

Nagy Attila <attis at> wrote:
> Dear list,
> I use Squeak 3.8 update #6665. I very frequently encounter errors while 
> trying to install packages from SqueakMap. For example, say, I'd like to 
> install LifeMorph.
> First, it complains that there's no published release for my version. No 
> surprise, as there are no published versions at all. I say Yes, try any 
> release. Now comes the complaint that there are no releases at all. Take 
> the last unpublished release? Yes, take it. The third complaint says 
> compatibility is not listed, so it may not work. Ok, proceed.

Better be careful, right? :)

> And now it says: "Error occured during install: 
> SMDefaultInstaller>>nonMultiSuffixes"
> Let's open a debugger. It says the SMDefaultInstaller doesn't understand 
> #nonMultiSuffixes. What should I do?

I think I fixed this in the latest SMBase, have you upgraded all
SqueakMap packages? "SqueakMap2 base" should be... 1.21?

> The other error I frequently encounter is that ByteString doesn't 
> understand #fullName. I tried to install SqueakAmp by filing in its two 
> .cs files, and that's what I got. Again, what should I do?

Not sure about that one, email me in private with a description on what
you did (image version etc) and I will look at it.

> Thanks for your help,
> 	Attis

Sorry for not responding earlier, busy busy...

regards, Göran

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