New VM behaves odd?

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed May 3 20:13:56 UTC 2006

I'd be quite curious if this problem shows on the mac os-x platform  
(powerpc or macintel) with the carbon VM, versus say the unix VM.
There were changes to how Sockets are serviced when a pending  
interrupt  happens, also in how the sleep logic works. The unix VM
uses nano-sleep, the carbon vm uses select(), which seems to make  
difference in cpu usage. But the question is does that affect the  UI.

Readers may recall lately I changed the carbon VM and moved the  
interpreter processing to the main UI thread which means events are  
technically polled for, versus being serviced immediately on another  
pthread. You can see that behaviour by accessing the mac squeak menu  
and holding the menu open and watching squeak stop running the VM as  
we block servicing the os-x menu.  Screams and $$ might fix that  
problem, but who uses the mac menu bar anyway.   Noting there is code  
and vm support to enable a mac  squeak image to alter the mac menu  
bar how one sees fit and to trigger actions in smalltalk as a result  
of picking said menu item.  That said no-one reported any weird  
issues with UI interactions on the mac carbon vm so far as I know.

On 3-May-06, at 1:01 PM, tim Rowledge wrote:

> On 3-May-06, at 11:17 AM, Gary Chambers wrote:
>> I've noticed regular ui pauses in general with the new vm too.
> Which platform(s), which vm, which image?
> tim
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