[ann][vm][unix] 3.9-4

Matej Kosik kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Wed May 3 22:59:32 UTC 2006

Ian Piumarta wrote:
> Folks,
> Source code, pre-loaded VMM image, precompiled Linux/386 and Darwin/ PPC
> binaries available.
> http://squeakvm.org/unix/


I have observed the following problem with current (but it might be also the problem of the previous) version:

when I do not (yet) have ~/.npsqueak directory, the squeak browser plugin itself refuses
to work. It does so because it (before it executes `npsqueakrun') checks whether
the plugin image exists inside ~/.npsqueak. If not, it prints an error message
(which can be observed on stderr) and terminates. The squeaklet is not shown.

My proposal is, that the plugin should ignore the fact whether ~/.npsqueak
exists or not. It should go ahead and execute `npsqueakrun'.

Did you also notice this problem? If yes, it can be easily correct for example as follows:

The changed `npsqueak.c' file is even simpler than before.

I.e instead of this:

        char* img_dir_v[PATH_MAX]= {user_img_dir, SYSTEM_IMG_DIR"/"};
        if (findFileInPaths(plugin->imageName, imagename, 2, img_dir_v) == 0){
          fprintf(stderr, "Squeak Plugin: Image file not found: %s\n",
          if (failureUrl){
            fprintf(stderr, "Squeak Plugin: going to failure URL: %s\n",
            plugin->failureUrl= NPN_StrDup(failureUrl);
          }else {
            fprintf(stderr, "Squeak Plugin: no failure URL: \n");
            return NPERR_GENERIC_ERROR;
        plugin->argv[6]= NPN_StrDup(plugin->imageName);

there should be:

        char* img_dir_v[PATH_MAX]= {user_img_dir, SYSTEM_IMG_DIR"/"};
        if (findFileInPaths(plugin->imageName, imagename, 2, img_dir_v) == 0){
          /* The `~/.npsqueak' directory does not exist yet. No problem.
           * The `npsqueakrun' script will create it.
          strcpy(plugin->imageName, user_img_dir);
          strcat(plugin->imageName, "/SqueakPlugin.image");
        plugin->argv[6]= NPN_StrDup(plugin->imageName);

I have tried it and it worked for me.

Matej Kosik
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