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Thu May 4 13:37:44 UTC 2006

Hi Stephane,

>>So I advocate shipping an
>> "empty" image (with all the code, but no actual SMSqueakMap  
>> instance in
>> it).
>How can I do that?

I think you can use "SMSqueakMap default loadUpdates" 
if you want to load the changes from a script. For the 3.9#7027
this updates 

"SMBase-md.72" to "SMBase-gk.83" and
"SMLoader-md.29" to "SMLoader-gk.30"

(the MCZ files can also be found on http://squeak.krampe.se)

After that use "SMSqueakMap clear" to reset the class variable
and run a GC. But maybe Göran has a better solution.

BTW: it would be good if all the missing methods in the 
morphic package could be fixed before going beta. looks 
like there was a merge problem leaving many sends of 
unimplemented methods in the image. This already lead 
to several bugs (see mantis 0003505, 0003526, ...)


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