[ANN] 3.9 beta is out

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at univ-savoie.fr
Thu May 4 21:13:47 UTC 2006

Here is the beta version of 3.9
What should we do now:

	- harvest fixes for MC for some little bugs with traits
	- harvest fixes of traits
	- put back backwards compatible canUnderstand: and respondTo:
	- test and fix all the tests :) (this is a call)
	- harvest all fixes that will come
	- integrate all the package team work
	- remove the ToolsPlus
	- and everything I forgot	

Now marcus will certainly now harvest anymore and focus on his PhD.
I would like also that I would like to appreciate help and a certain  
style in complaints
because doing is always difficult.


Here are some of the fixes that have been harvested in

	0003426: init: method should be renamed initialize: for consistency
	0003527: infinite loop on locale change (Mantis 0003510 ) not fixed  
yet in 7027
	0003505: Context menus in ImageBrowser (OmniBrowser) crash due to  
missing methods in MenuIcons
	0003519: Duration isZero gets MNU in 7026;fix failed

in 7028 we pushed in the update stream

	0003520: Chronology Tests for hash failed in 7025; fixes included  
(by Tom Koenig)
	0003518: SkipListTests fails/errors in 7025;SkipListTestsFixes (by  
Tom Koenig)
	0003373: Float asFraction does not handle gradual underflow
	0003339: [Fix] Simple button morphs don't reset their color properly  
when balked.


Change Set:		LongDelayFixes
Date:			4 October 2005
Author:			tim at rowledge.org

See Mantis bug 1840 and 854.
This changeset allows a too-long Delay to fail the relevant primitive  
and schedules a fake
delay to keep the timer system going. I claim this is preferable to  
disallowing long delays.

Also slightly improves handling of rollover and the treatment of  
multiple delays with the same resumption time"

3515 - Parser fails in #defineClass: becasue Metaclass doest not  
understand #category (DF)
003513: [ENH] ToolBuilderBldEnh-KR  (korakurider)
enable default builder to build objects without opening.
It's useful for building authoring prototypes for ToolBuilder-based  
tools in parts bin.
0003510: In 3.9a requesting a language change leads to infinite  
generation of testRunners (korakurider)
0003504: Float asInteger conversion is inexact...   (nicolas cellier)


	 	- Small refactoring of MethodNode>>generate and related methods  
(needed by 		
		  MethodWrappers) (Diego Fernandez (and Andrian Lienhard  
(netstyle.ch)) )
		- == <integer literal> to = <integer literal> in response to Dan  
Ingalls' note (fbs)
	OmniBrowser: (Lukas Renggli of netstyle.ch)
	    - fixes an bug when the browser is opened (Ctrl+B) from non  
OmniBrowser windows
		(Debugger, Workspace, ...)
	    - drag and drop methods and categories onto classes
	0003489: ClassTestCase >> selectorsTested misses 'special' methods.

	The method ClassTestCase >> selectorsTested computes the sent  
messages in a test incorrectly. It
	looks in the literals array, and so misses the 32 'special' message  
selectors. The correct code
	is both shorter and simpler. (Andrew Black)
		- 0003416: Faster Moprhic invalidation
		  Morph>>invalidRect:from: was testing for wonderland textures  
(which where stored in
		  a property...). (Thanks to Andrew Black for reporting this).
		- Better looking menu title bar (from Thorsten Bergman, if I  
remember correctly)
		- some method were lost in 7024 (from etoy-customevents-*). They  
are back now,
                    fixes lots of bugreports on Mantis.
	Change Set:		ExternalSettingsReorg-tpr
	Date:			5 April 2006
	Author:			tim at rowledge.org

	Reorganise the categories in ExternalSettings to get rid of an  
explcit '--all--' that can make a 	
	real mess of filing out the code
	Change Set:		KedamaMissing-KR
	Date:			14 April 2006
	Author:			Korakurider

	add missing method for Kedama
	Change Set:		KedamaWODepreciated-KR
	Date:			14 April 2006
	Author:			Korakurider

	refactor kedama not to call depreciated methods.
	note: As showDeprecationWarnings preferece is set to false in  
Squeakland image,
	original kedama code run without no problem.
	renamed BlockContext>>endpc to be endOC and fix the one sender (md)
	Change Set:		MacRomanFix
	Date:			5 April 2006
	Author:			Andreas Raab

	Raise an error if somebody tries to write wide characters.
	0003458: PositionableStream>>copyPreamble:from:at: broken  (Andreas  
	0003415: Changeset is not updated when renaming a class (Noury  
	After renaming a class, the changeset is not updated to refer to the  
new name. Therefore, 	
	one virtually lose recorded changes.
	The fix also cleans a bit SystemDictionary. It removes method 	 
	and uses instead SystemDictionary>>renameClass:as: used by traits
	0003492: Complete the job of changing the way that arrays are  
printed (Andrew Black)
	The new array printing logic introduced in 3.9 had some holes, and  
needed some cleanup. 	
	The attached changeset provides it. Tests are included.
	Specifically, the changeset
		- marks Fractions as selfEveluating and Booleans as literals
		- puts Array>>printOn: back in the printing ctaegory, where someone  
might expect to find it
		- removes duplicated logic from Collection>>printElementsOn:
		- adds tests for all of the above.
	faster asUTC from Avi Bryant
	FixInvisible from Bert Freudenberg

	smallland fixes

	Tests for Heap
	Tests for SystemChangeNotifications
	Fix of roel for double event notification when class recategorisation
	0003440: UTF8TextConverter>>nextFromStream: silently truncates input
	0003375: mcz files saved in 3.9 don't load in 3.8
	0003376: mpeg plugin has changes to image to support read from  
buffer versus file
	0000521: [BUG] Button properties Morph need to be fixed or removed.
	0002116: Halo rotation of a true type font throws up a debug window.
	0001608: [BUG][FIX] Morphic: File Selection Dialog
	0003378: Add FloatMathPluginTests class to Tests-VM package/category
	0003377: mpeg plugin has changes to image to support dropping bits  
into an offset into a
			form so you can write to say Display
		- format non-local methods (e.g from traits) in italic (does also  
work in images that do 		not have support for traits)
	0001604: [FIX] [BUG] smoothOrSegmentedPhrase-wiz
	0001200: Outdent/Indent issue if code contains WideStrings
	SUnit: Merged in SUnit extensions by Mercap Software.


	- 0003215: saving and reloading a string morph with a true type font  
breaks the font
	- 0003354: Can't select some colors in PaintBoxColorPicker
	- 0003355: [BUG] Fresh 3.9a image (build 7020) has text morphs in  
objects window wrong size
	- added CollectionsTests from stef
	- OmniBrowser (fixed by Lukas)
		- makes it possible to drag meta-classes to new categories
		- add missing OBClassActor to OBMetaclassNode
		- fix as published in http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=3269
		- fix a debugger when selecting omnibrowser as default browser
		- made the buttons in omnibrowser look like they do in 3.9
		- fixes an infinite recursion occuring when a drag&drop operation  
is started
	- fix for the SlowRedraw bug (Adrian)
	- valueWithExit for BlockContex / BlockClosure
	- added Symbol>>#value:
	Change Set:		SuperSwikiFixKR
	Date:			20 February 2006
	Author:			Korakurider

	A one-method fix to the recent SuperSwikiStr update.
	Change Set:		TTCFont-fix-ascent-jrp
	Date:			27 March 2006
	Author:			John Pierce

	Add ascent instance variable back to the class so method ascent will  
work again.


	reload code added via updatestream from repository

	Hack (for now) to not get DNU on pre-debugWindow

	Change Set:		NebraskaFontSet
	Date:			17 December 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Support StrikeFontSet in better way.


	Change Set:		ja-forms
	Date:			29 July 2005
	Author:			Andreas Raab

	Install the japanese fonts.


	Change Set:		ProportionalSplitter-honor-boundaries-jrp
	Date:			21 March 2006
	Author:			John Pierce

	Keep splitter from moving outside the natural window boundaries
	Change Set:		projectViewMenuFix-yo.cs
	Date:			2 August 2005
	Author:			Kazuhiro Abe and Yoshiki Ohshima

	The project name of menu label was incorrect.
	Change Set:		testTileFix-kfr
	Date:			24 January 2006
	Author:			Karl Ramberg

	When clicking the button to add a new TestTile the ScriptEditor is  
unresponsive to place the TestTile 	
	because the tile never signaled a mouseEnter to the ScriptEditor.  
This is a fix for that.
	Change Set:		retainRotationCenter-sw
	Date:			25 January 2006
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	When repainting a sketch, retain any existing rotation-center that  
may have been specified.
	Change Set:		undoFixes-sw
	Date:			2 February 2006
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Implements uindo for 'dismiss via halo', which works even if trash  
is not being preserved.
	Make the Undo button in the NavBar dynamically show what action it  
*would* undo.
	Makes that button work propery in a redo situation (formerly it had  
malfunctioned  when in redo
	Elaborates the wording of the 'undo' item to include identification  
of the target, for resize and rotate
   	now, as it always has done for move.
	Fixes some bugs encountered along the way.
	Fixes the bug that could break undo of a rotation, if an addition or  
removal of a flex shell was 	involved.
	Change Set:		SuperSwikiString-KR
	Date:			1 February 2006
	Author:			Korakurider

	Current m18n implementation assumes shift_jis encoding is used in  
wire protocol between
	SuperSwiki server and client.  Then some existing projects encoded  
in other than shift_jis
	cause walkback.

	This patch introduces 'encodingName' for ServerDirectory entry (even  
in knownServer entry)
	so that appropriate encoding can be specified for each server.  If  
not specified, encoding is 	
	determined based on current locale.
	Change Set:		rotCenterHaloHelp-sw
	Date:			16 February 2006
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Supplements the balloon help for the rotation-center handle with the  
additional informaiton that the
	user should hold down the shift key to move it.
	Name: Balloon-mir.11
	Author: mir
	Time: 22 March 2006, 2:14:18 pm

	(backported from Jan Fietz' changes)

	FlashFileReader support for more image tags:
		processDefineBitsJPEG3 (JPEG + alpha channel)
	Name: Flash-mir.2
	Author: mir
	Time: 22 March 2006, 3:04 pm

	merge with iSqueak flash enh. (was ballon)
	Name: SUnitGUI-lr.6
	Author: lr
	Time: 22 March 2006, 7:49:27 pm

	- fixed a couple of issues related to the change-notifications
		- no more debugger if the system contains classes that are not  
categorized yet (can happen
				when loading mcz files)
		- register for some different change events that were missed
	- unregister for changes when window closes


	Image is now in 32bit graphics mode by default (faster).
	0003328: Ctrl-E does not look for strings
	Change Set:		0479iso3Countries.cs
	Date:			1 September 2005
	Author:			John Mcintosh, Michael Rueger

	Add ISO3 country codes to the iso definitions
	Change Set:	phraseDupFix-sw
	Date:			23 October 2005
	Author:		Scott Wallace

	Fixes a bug that broke the duplication of phrase tiles that don't  
reside in viewers
	Change Set:		suppliesTwoLiner
	Date:			7 October 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace, Michael Rueger

	changes the supplies flap to show two lines of items by default
	Change Set:		FontRegistryFix
	Date:			9 October 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	registry wasn't properly used for TTCFont.
	Change Set:		percentEncodingFix
	Date:			22 September 2005
	Author:			Korakurider

	+ When Squeak is launched by openning .pr file, passed filename is  
	 (shift-jis on windows for instance).  That has to be converted to  
Squeak-native string.
	+ reimplementation of decoding percent-encoded-string has to be  
modified to support
	  utf8 based encoding.
	Change Set:		NebraskaTextAndImageFix
	Date:			6 October 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	* DropShadow + Text + Nebraska wasn't working right.
	* Form depth = 32 wasn't working right.  It isn't right or optimal  
but better in many ways.
	Change Set:		revertStamp-tak
	Date:			28 November 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	Revert stampOnTransformedOwner.cs (it is included in  
	to fix a problem of stamp of rotated object.
	Change Set:		nebraskaBuffer2-yo
	Date:			10 October 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Oshima

	Republished as Squeakland update 0506 to make certain that the code  
will be present in
	images that had already loaded SqueakAlpha update  
0502testPercentEncoding before it was
	Change Set:		FixKedamaBundle
	Date:			23 October 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	KedamaBundle used to create an extra patch.
	Change Set:		BOMLangEditor
	Date:			29 November 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Fix BOM problem in Language Editor.
	Change Set:		ProjectManifest
	Date:			29 November 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Put a 'manifest' file that stores some additional infomation about  
the project.
	Change Set:		macosxJaMarks
	Date:			22 November 2005
	Author:			Tetsuya Hayashi

	Fixes Japanese input method related problem.
	It dealsd with special case involved in unicode conversion.
	Change Set:		setupLanguageSpec-tak
	Date:			28 November 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	- Add language specific settings.
	- Remove setup scripts for old Japanese image.
	Change Set:		variableCategory-ka
	Date:			29 November 2005
	Author:			Kazuhiro Abe

	Patch for 'variable category doesn't apper when it's needed'.
	It occurs because missing 'translated' message after 'ScriptingSystem
	nameForInstanceVariablesCategory' in  
	Change Set:		Use32BitPatch
	Date:			30 November 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima
	Change Set:		TextAlignEmphMenu-KR
	Date:			5 December 2005
	Author:			Korakurider

	fix problem that current alignment is shown wrongly on emphasis/ 
alignment Menu for
	Change Set:		colorPickerFix-KR
	Date:			14 December 2005
	Author:			Korakurider

	Get the alpha setting on a morph's property sheet's fill-color  
colorpicker set properly.
	Change Set:		shouldntBeRounded-ka
	Date:			4 December 2005
	Author:			Kazuhiro Abe

	Some morph, such as an Ellipse or a Polygon, shouldn't have rounded  
	They drew fake corners.
	Change Set:		FixAssignmentSuffix
	Date:			15 December 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	Fixed duplicated assignment arrows in old project.

	To load old project which is made in 3.2 era, assignment arrows (_) are
	duplicated. The reason is sometimes symbols and strings are confused in
	Change Set:		fixCharConv128-255
	Date:			5 November 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	Some characters could not be converted from Squeak to OS encoding.

	To reproduce:
	- Open workspace.
	- Input MULTIPLICATION SIGN character with your IME.
	- select and copy a few times for copying to the system paste buffer.
	- You would see an error.

	Reason: A charactor which value is 128-255 should be converted.

	see http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0080.pdf
	Change Set:		fixManifest
	Date:			16 December 2005
	Author:			Korakurider

	fix and enhance the facility to save manifest of project:
	  + Original implementation use constant filename 'MANIFEST'.
	    That behavior causes conflict of filename on server(Swiki etc).
	    This patch use basename of project for file name for manifest
	+ save latest update number of SmalltalkImage in manifest (enhancement)


	updated to latest OmniBrowser
	Change Set:		AddLineToTTCFont-yo
	Date:			1 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	call #addLined on demand.  It should be handled more statically, but  
I have a feeling that
	writing out TTCFont with LinedTTC in their derivative may not be  
handled very cleverly.
	Change Set:		TTCRegistry-yo
	Date:			1 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	A class variable (Registry) was missing from the class definition of  
TTCFont.  This change
	set re-instate that, and register everything in postscript.
	Change Set:		ttcNewSizeFix
	Date:			3 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Fallback font handling for new sized font has a bug.  The main  
problem is that
	FixedFaceFont doesn't have the corresponding TextStyle.  I could add  
it, but so far I gave nil
	to some implicit semantics in the methods in this change set.
	Change Set:		searchPaneFix-sw
	Date:			3 August 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Make viewer search panes clip their submorphs, thus avoiding an ugly  
green artifact that
	had crept in.  (Thanks to Andreas for supplying the fix.)
	Change Set:		AddTranslationNov30
	Date:			30 November 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Adds #translated to the ? halo of buttons.
	Change Set:		fixFileList2-bf
	Date:			5 December 2005
	Author:			Bert Freudenberg

	Fix image opening in FileList2
	Change Set:		joystickEnh-mir-bf
	Date:			5 September 2005
	Author:			Michael Rueger, Bert Freudenberg

	Make joystick buttons available in Etoys.
	Change Set:		URLEncodingAttempt
	Date:			29 July 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	An attempt to support more characters in encodeForHTTP.  However,  
this introduces another
	backward compatibility problem.  The default behavior of  
#encodeForHTTP uses UTF-8 as the
	byte sequence interpretation, but it was Latin-1 for older  

	To get the backward compatible behavior, the senders of  
#encodeForHTTP should use an 	expression:

	aString encodeForHTTPWithTextEncoding: 'latin1'.


	This changeset suppress the trivial error, but may cause the problem  
when somebody tries
	to load a project from older image with latin-1 characters in its name.
	Change Set:		worldPreferences-sw
	Date:			3 August 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Don't show the Preferences category in the world's viewer in  
eToyFriendly mode.

	When *not* in eToyFriendly mode, do show the category, to which othe  
alternatives have
	now been added.
	Change Set:		vectorError-sw
	Date:			3 August 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Circumvents error condition when clicking on the menu icon of some  
of the
	vector-vocabulary phrases.
	Change Set:		EditableWatcher
	Date:			2 August 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	This fix allows you to edit variables with simple watchers
	Change Set:		playfieldPrefBug-sw
	Date:			12 August 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Fixes the bug that the Preferences category could show up in the  
viewer of a non-world.
	Change Set:		KedamaFixesAug
	Date:			15 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	some fixes for a few known bugs.
	Change Set:		KedamaFixesAug2
	Date:			17 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	suppress the dup halo for turtle exemplars, and make the forms in  
patches behaves better.
	Change Set:		symbolTranslationFix
	Date:			18 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Fix a few more problems with language transition.
	Change Set:		KedamaFixesAug3
	Date:			19 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	The backup code for a primitive was wrong.  It shows wrong boundary  
behavior when the 	
	plugin is not present.
	Change Set:		fixObsDefault
	Date:			1 September 2005
	Author:			Michael Rueger

	Removes obsolete default messages and references still using them.



	0003319: In 7011 asking a morph for a viewer gets a DNU due to  
missing methods.
	Refactoring of Class|Trait>>category lookup. Improves category  
lookup by a factor
	of 10 and for example loading of a Monticello package by a factor of  
2. (Adrian Lienhard)


	Change Set:		nihongo7ModalWindows
	Date:			22 July 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya and Kazuhiro Abe

	Make some UI elements modal so that the user don't see multiple  
project saving dialog, etc.
	Change Set:		nihongo7BitBlt
	Date:			22 July 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Prevents simple crash with errorneous numbers in geometory.
	Change Set:		nihongo7WatchersAndReadouts
	Date:			22 July 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya and Yoshiki Ohshima

	The proposed improvement for watchers and readouts. The areas are:

	* Simple watcher bahves better with Alt-Click.
	* Allows type-in of non-ascii number strings.
	* Should handle ok with translated symbols in symbol tiles.
	Change Set:		nihongo7SimpleButtons
	Date:			22 July 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	Hide more buttons in the nav-bar.  Controlled by a preference called  
	Change Set:		ExtNamesStay-tk
	Date:			27 July 2005
	Author:			Ted Kaehler

	When an object is being brought in from a saved project, if its name  
is already in use,
	make a new unique internal name (as before).  Set the external name  
in the costume to its
	old name.  Internal name is the key for it in References.
	Change Set:		SketchFix
	Date:			28 July 2005
	Author:			Andreas Raab

	Restore two missing methods from SketchMorph.
	Change Set:		undo-kedama
	Date:			17 March 2006
	Author:			Michael Rueger

	Undoes two squeakland changes that broke etoys
	Change Set:		polygonFix-tak	
	Date:			10 February 2006
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya

	Fixes a bug in generic handling of cached morph state, which  
manifested itself in a variety
	 of ways involving PolygonMorphs, such as the fact that a drop of a  
Star always required \
	a second click.

	Reverts Morph>>releaseCachedState so that it no longer resets  
formerOwner, formerPosition,
	and undoGrabCommand, thus making #releaseCachedState once again safe  
to call while
	drag is  underway, The resetting of formerOwner, etc. is moved to  
	0003295: In 7006 MorphicMenuItem>>keystroke: code versions reveal a  



	Change Set:		kedama2.7-yo
	Date:			9 May 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima	
	Change Set:		flexFix-sw
	Date:			30 March 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Fix for Mantis bug 993: 'rotating morph changes z-order.'  This is a  
bug that dates to the
	original implementaiton of 'flexing' (generic Morph rotation) in  
early 1998.  After this fix,
	when a flex shell is added, we now remember the z-position of the  
original morph and
	ascribe that same z-position to the TransformationMorph that  
replaces it.

	This update also fixes the dual of that bug, which is that when a  
	decides it's no longer needed, and gets itself replaced by the morph  
it formerly had been
	governing, the unrotated morph had not been getting inserted in the  
z-ordering in the same
	Change Set:		noScritch-sw
	Date:			6 April 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	The Scritch sound is supressed
	Change Set:		dupFixes-sw
	Date:			19 April 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	When the user chooses 'duplicate' from the halo-actions submenu of  
the halo menu of a
	rotated object, the result had formerly been an unrotated object  
that was not known to the
	allExtantPlayers list of the project's presenter, so would not come  
up ticking, etc.  This
	update fixes those glitches.
	Also:  When you dismiss a morph via its halo, its player gets  
removed from the project's
	allExtantPlayers list -- an optimization.
	Change Set:		selectionSibFix-sw
	Date:			19 April 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Fix for Mantis bug  981: Making a sibling of SelectionMorph causes  
	Version 4 of this fileout also fixes bugs involving use of the  
'duplicate' feature from the
	'halo actions' submenu of a SelectionMorph -- such duplicates were  
flawed in a couple of
	Change Set:		tickingPainting-sw
	Date:			30 April 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Two responses to the concern about ticking-while-painting:

	(1)  Adds the #keepTickingWhilePainting preference; when true,  
scripts will continue to tick
	while the user is in a painting session.
	(2)  If this new preference is *false*, scripts that had been  
ticking when painting was
	initiated now resume ticking once painting is done.
	Change Set:		acceptPlayerTile-sw
	Date:			1 May 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Implements a short-cut feature requested by Alan (or rather  
'remembered' by him ;-) as
	follows:  a player-valued tile can now be dropped onto a graphic- 
valued pad, whereup it
	expands into appropriate retrieval tiles for obtaining a graphic  
from the player.
	Change Set:		unCustoming-sw
	Date:			17 June 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	When the allowEtoyUserCustomEvents preference is false, refrain from  
showing the
	triggeringObject item in the Viewer and from offering the  
CustomEvents type in type-list 	popups.
	Also now makes the allowEtoyUserCustomEvents preference behave like  
a normal preference,
	i.e. independently of eToyFriendly, but sets it appropriately  
whenever eToyFriendly is 	
	changed -- after which it *can* subsequently be changed manually if  
desired, thus making
	it possible to set things up to operate with eToyFriendly on yet  
offering those CustomEvents.
	Change Set:		vectorAccess-sw
	Date:			9 July 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Gives easier access to the command for turning on the vector  
vocabulary.  Makes it possible
	to set an image up such that the vector vocbulary is always in use  
by default.  The
	primary access to this control is now via the World's Viewer, which  
now gets a
	'preferences' category, into which is also put a  
#dropProducesWatcher control.

	Change Set:		soundUpdate
	Date:			6 April 2005
	Author:			Michael Rueger

	Loads an updates set of sounds

	0003312: Can't delete projects (ImageSegment>>rootsIncludingPlayers  
still refers to Environment)
	Change Set:		watcherTypeChgFix-sw
	Date:			25 July 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	Makes the new watchers launched to replace existing ones upon a type- 
change to a variable
	conform to the new protocol for creating watchers; also fixes the  
bug that simple watchers
	were being replaced by fancy ones after a type change.
	Change Set:		StringEqual2
	Date:			15 December 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	'abc' = 'abc' asWideString wasn't returning true after the String  
refactoring.  Supposedly,
	primitiveCompareString should fail when the argument or receiver  
isn't a byte object,
	 but 	currently the primitive just traverses the internal of the  
word object.  The right fix would
	be to fix the primitive, but so far the Squeak side code should cope  
with it.
	Change Set:		tileFix-sw
	Date:			18 July 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace
	The tear-off-a-tile halo handle could sometimes tear off a bogus  
tile, if a non-Sketch object
	was rotated before a player was allocated to it.  This update fixes  
that.  Thanks to Dave
	Briccetti for pointing out this bug.
	Change Set:		FixMorphDelete
	Date:			28 July 2005
	Author:			Andreas Raab

	Always #dismissViaHalo even if #preserveTrash is true.
	Change Set:		ProjectViewDismiss
	Date:			1 August 2005
	Author:			Yoshiki Ohshima

	Match the wording when a ProjectViewMorph is dismissed via halo.
	Change Set:		turnTowardFix-sw
	Date:			29 July 2005
	Author:			Scott Wallace

	As per suggestion from Randy Heiland, Squeakland mailing list  
7/29/05, makes 'turn toward' 	
	always carry out the turn (unless the positions of the  two objects  
coincide), whether or not the
	objects overlap.
	Change Set:		LocaleRefactoring
	Date:			8 August 2005
	Author:			Takashi Yamamiya
	Change Set:		localeEnabler
	Date:			31 August 2005
	Author:			Michael Rueger

	Enables the use of the language setting through the locale plugin.  
If no plugin is found,
	the current locale is used.
	The preference useLocale turns the automatic settings on or off.
	Change Set:		smWorkaround-sw
	Date:			16 March 2006
	Author:			Scott Wallace, Michael Rueger

	Adapted for 3.9.
	A change to allow SqueakMap to load packages successfully into  
images whose version
	numbers are less than 5302, which is the Squeak.org update level at  
which the convention 	
	about where the system changes were stored changed.  Goran's version  
of this code (7/13/04)
	assumed that any version number less than 5302 indicated an ancient  
Squeak, whereas in
	practice nowadays it is much more likely to indicate a recent Squeak  
that has a different
	formal version name, such as 'Tweak1.2' or Squeakland3.8', and which  
has its own
	sequence of update numbers.  This workaround was prompted a need to  
load Monticello into
	the Squeakland image.

	Mantis-3061-SnapPop, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
	Mantis-3075-MixedCurves, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
	Mantis-2589-ButtonTargets, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
	Mantis-2709-CurveBoundsTRFix, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
	Mantis-2496-Halos-Menus, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
	0003294: KeyedSet>>add: cand send #errorKeyAlreadyExists: which is  
not implemented
	0003301: FileList has two install buttons
	0003303: Browser --> open does allways open Browser (not  
SystemBrowser default)


	0003249: Mac VM pops up debugger on every launch  
(InternetConfiguration broken?)
	0003254: faster #binding
	0003258: [ENH] Entry in Fonts menu for easily getting all big fonts
	0003150: In 7002 Asking for priorVersions causes browsing some  
primitive methods
			to get a DNU
	0003268: NumberTest>>testPrintShowingDecimalPlaces: broken

	- fixed #binding
	- 0003249: Mac VM pops up debugger on every launch  
(InternetConfiguration broken?)
	- 0003246: In 7005 Getting objects from Object morph not behaving as  
	- 0003245: 7005: ProcessBrowser DNU


	0001613: [ENH] truncatedChanges-ls
	Date: 4 September 2003
	Author: Lex Spoon

	Handle truncated changes files more gracefully. The problem actually
	can happen, and has been observed at Georgia Tech, e.g. if someone
	downloads a file but does not complete the download. The current
	behavior is that pink debuggers pop up; this is extremely confusing for
	new users when it happens in places like the Browser.

	The solution in this changeset is to fall back on the decompiler. A
	more thorough solution should probably trigger a systematic  
	of all source pointers past the end of the changes file, because as  
	goes on the changes file will eventually grow large enough to cover the
	lost code and the routine will start returning random method code for
	the invalid source pointers.
	0001354: MIDI port name is garbled in selection dialog
	Change Set:		AddTransMIDIPort
	Date:			31 May 2005
	Author:			Tooru Nosse
	fix for query of MIDI portName with SJIS name
	enable translation for midi port selection
	0002341: MorphicEventDispatcher minor refactoring
	0001284: Smalltalk condenseSources leads to UndefinedObject(Object) 
	0003180: Selector requester does not strip blanks
	tests from 0001798: #critical:ifError: on Semaphore does not always  
signal the semaphore
	test from 0003133: [BUG][FIX] Float>>#asIEEE32BitWord and  
	Change Set: dupAllCtrlAltKeysPref-dew
	Date: 13 December 2004
	Author: Doug Way

	Adds a new preference duplicateAllCtrlAndAltkeys to duplicate all  
Ctrl and Alt modifier key 	
	commands, which causes all Ctrl key commands to behave the same as  
Alt-key commands. 	
	The original Ctrl (a.k.a. 'shift') key commands are still available  
via Ctrl-Shift and Alt-Shift.

	This differs from the existing ctrlAlt prefs which only duplicate/ 
swap the eight editing keys. 	
	Also includes code to prevent these other two conflicting prefs from  
being activated at the
	same time.

	The three related prefs (swapCtrlAndAltKeys, duplicateCtrlAndAltKeys, 	
	duplicateAllCtrlAndAltKeys) should really be made into a radio  
button preferences set
	sometime in the future (like the Halo look preferences), since only  
one can be turned on at
	a time. This would eliminate the need for the #changed methods.

	See 'modifier' discussion on squeak-dev from 12/3/2004 for more  
details on why this was 	provided.
	- postCopy for MethodProperties
	- Preferences panel size
	- remove Preference #ansiAssignmentOperatorWhenPrettyPrinting
	- remove Preference #resizeOnAllSides, #twoSidedPoohTextures
	- set selector when evaluating a #Doit. Fixes MessageTally tallySends:
	- cleanups in Parser: remove old Properties code
	- cleanups in Encoder: use #binding, not #associationFor:.
	- remove the last new initialize cases
	- Fix ClassTestCase to not turn off Deprecation
	- Fix Tests for ObjectsAsMethods
	- Refactor/deprecate old environment methods in SystemDictionary
	- 0002449: [Enh] Adds a target-sighting cursor to the menagerie of  
	- 0002450: [Fix] Form fromUser can create a form w/ zero area if  
user specifies
	   a corner to upper left of origin.
	- bullet-proof ImageReadWriter class>>understandsImageFormat:
	- 0002684: [Fix] In 6719 rotateBy: #right or #left returns wrong  
aspect ratio.
	- 0003060: Graphics-md.27: additions from Connectors / merge with image

	fasterMorpic: optimized extension/properties code for number of sends
	Change Set:		AutoDeselectToolFixes-wiz
	Author:			(wiz) Jerome Peace
	For doubleClick to work in lists autoDeselect must be explicitly  
disabled. There are four places
         where This needs to be done on the tool end of thing.	
	0003108: [quickFix] In 7002 selecting connector catagory or alpha p  
catagory gets a debug box.
	0002500: In6713 Sometimes a Legitimate request generates DNU  
	0002991: [Fix] Workspaces initial extent is too large for most uses.
	0002151: Max number of literals checked in MethodNode instead of  
	0003128: [Fix] In 7002 Using browser buttons to ask for  
prettyprinting gets DNU 	Compiler>>asText
	0001048: [ENH] SystemNavigation>>allImplementorsOf:localTo:
	0002779: 3.9a-6721 theme... button on Services Browser gives 'key  
not found' walkback


	Change Set:		decorateFix-bf
	Author:			Bert Freudenberg
	Bullet-proof browser against removed class
	0001913: Make all implementors of #nextPut: to return the argument  
(instead of self)
	Changed some implementors of #nextPut: to return the argument (and  
not return self).
	This to be consistent with primitiveNextPut and all other  
implementors of #nextPut:
	kwl: As dicusses with Ken and Craig on #squeak IRC.
	0001733: [ENH][FIX] String-upToDep-huma
	Really deprecates SequenceableCollection>>#upTo: to #copyUpTo:
	PlusTools do not register in Filelist when not active
	0003049: fast window resizing needed
	0001596: [BUG][FIX] lurking signals in EventSensor
	- PolygonMorph.st from Connectors
	- cleanups for preference removal
         removed preferences
         #allowCelesteTell #useFileList2. #enableInternetConfig
         #browserNagIfNoClassComment #alternativeWindowLook
	#alternativeScrollbarLook #inboardScrollbars #fastSplitterResize

- updated SUnit packge (refactorings and a small bugfix)
- SequenceableCollection.st from Connectors
- BlockContext.st from Connectors
- MessageSend.st from Connectors
- TwoWayScrollPane.st from Connectors
- Object.st from Connectors
- CircleMorph.st from Connectors
- TextMorph.st from Connectors
- TileMorph.st from Connectors
- SketchMorph.st from Connectors
- StringMorphEditor.st from Connectors
- EllipseMorph.st from Connectors
- TTSampleStringMorph.st from Connectors
- TTSampleFontMorph.st from Connectors
- HandMorph.st from Connectors
- SketchMorph.mir.1.cs from SqueakLand
- TextMorph.mir.1.cs from SqueakLand
Change Set: PersMenuFix-wiz
Author: (wiz) Jerome Peace
The Yellow button personal menu item 'about this system' throws up a  
The message is being sent to SmallTalk (the dictionary) instead of  
SmallTalkImage current.
As I was here anyway I also took the time to remove the only  
reference to the isFlagship
preference and the hardcoded preference method itself as per  
discussions with sw in mantis #2690.
Change Set: watcherTypeChange-sw
Date: 24 March 2005
Author: Scott Wallace

If the user changes the type of a Variable, watchers looking at that  
variable are now fixed up.
Any existing Watcher for the variable gets replaced by a labeled  
watcher appropriate for the new type.
This is a fix for Squeakland Mantis bug #1001.
- remove Preferences: #selectionsMayShrink  
#warningForMacOSFileNameLength #celesteHasStatusPane.
#celesteShowsAttachmentsFlag #autoAccessors #classicNewMorphMenu  
#showLinesInHierarchyViews #testRunnerShowAbstractClasses
- fix BlockContext>>#decompile to not reference Decompiler
- add CompiledMethod#decompileWithTemps (logic was in Tools... sigh!)
- ContextPart>>sourceCode simplified.

- 0002922: Debugger shows only pretty printed code
- #decompileString for BlockNode and BlockContext
- Class class>>#rootsOfTheWorld (from RB/VW)
- More changes from NewCompiler package
- refactorings and cleanups related to decompiling in the Tools

	- complete OB
	- EToys-jmv.7.mcz, MorphicExtras-jmv.12.mcz and Morphic-jmv.70.mcz  
to the inbox.

> This version includes:
> 	- Mantis-0504-CurvierMorph, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> 	- Resizing SystemWindows on any corner, fix by Juan Vuletich (jmv)  
> and Robin (rl)
> 	- Removal CDScreenShotMorph, indicated by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Reviewed by Juan Vuletich (jmv)



- load Lukas' MethodPropertiesPragmas changeset


- 0002498: In Sq6713 Strange behaviours when asking for class ref.
- re-load 6723 via MC


- 0002345: Cannot open Workspace from world menu in MVC
- fixes to MC tests by Adrian
- CompiledMethod>>decompileTree deprecated
- String>>numArgs: for building selectors easily
- cleaned up unused old property code in parser
- first cut at a fast #who (see Changelog Kernel-md.92)
- cleanups in CompiledMethod (see Changelog Kernel-md.92)
- some first refactorings to not call #who

Name: Kernel-md.92
Author: md
Time: 16 February 2006, 2:18:22 pm
UUID: 938634c4-fd4e-49ca-8921-4be99275f270
Ancestors: Kernel-md.91

- remove MethodPropertie>>#propDict (leftover)
- Pragma>>#selector fixed to no call #who
- First cut at "fast #who"
      - CompiledMethod>>#methodClass now gets class from
        classbinging in the last literal
      - cm>>#selector searches this class
      - searchForClass/seachForSelector search like old #who
      - who fixed to use methodClass/selector. does return
        #(unkown unkown) when not installed. deprecated.
      - isInstalled: tests if method is installed.
      - methodRef fixed to not use #who
      - #decompileTree deprecated
      - #decompile now sets class / selector
      - #decompileString changed to call #decompile
      - Behavior>>#binding returns the association form
      - Behavior>>#basicAddSelector:withMethod sets class
        in method on installation.


Change Set:		BehaviorHashEnh v1.2
Date:			22 June 2004, 16.02.2006
Author:			Stephan Rudlof, md

md: added a line to the poscript to uncompactify the MethodProperties  
class. We want to add an instVar for the selector.

Improves the default Object>>hash for Behaviors by installing  
Behavior>>hash. String>>hash has been changed a little to avoid
infinite recursion (without changing its semantics). All is done in  
the postscript.


-Put back in the simplified Decompiler>>#decompileBlock:
- deprecated #who
- CompiledMethod>>#methodNode now sets Class and Selector for non- 
   methods to Object/ CompiledMethod>>#defaultSelector
- refactored ContextPart to not call #who
- refactored ProcessBrowserPlus to not use #who
- refactored ProcessBrowser to not use #who
- simplified CompiledMethod>>#defaultSelector
- String>>#hash now uses identityHasch as initial hash (needed for  
- moved numArgs: to Symbol, faster
- add Behavior hash
- simplify CompiledMethod: #defaultSelector, #equivalentTo:, #methodNode
- add CompiledMethod>>#selector:
- add iVarselector to MethodProperties, accessors
- make MethodProperties compact again."


deprecate behavior>>#selectorAtMethod:setClass:
- deprecate ContextPart>>#mclass (use methodClass, like in  
- deprecate ContextPart>>#methodSelector (use #selector, like in  
- deprecate MethodContext>>#answer: (comment indicates 'will soon be  
- refactor to not call deprecated methods.
- Fast #who part 2: Selector from compiledMethod.
- Forward from ContextPart to method (selector, decompile.)
    no need to search anymore
- installed methods now get selector/class set.


	- fixed override of Services to not revert Traits browser change
	- 0002868: Copying the text of a list morph via the halo menu does  
return empty
	- fix cm>>selector, cm>>methodclass to test for new method layout,  
if not --> return nil
	Traits: Change log:
	- fixed marker methods that were broken because of new default  
literals in CompiledMethod
	- removed obsolete requries algorithm tests
	- prefixed all requires performance tests to exclude them from  
normal test runs
	- fixed issue [0002814] (targetTraits is shadowed in
	Change Set:		TestRunnerEnh
	Date:			18 February 2006
	Author:			Alexandre Bergel

	With this fix, the TestRunner now update its list of classes and  
categories accordingly to 	system changes. It uses the  
	Name: CollectionsTests-fbs.16
	Author: fbs
	Time: 14 February 2006, 5:44:42 pm
	UUID: bfeee468-b072-1048-9409-ed02f938ff47
	Ancestors: CollectionsTests-md.14

	This version converts == <integer literal> to = <integer literal> in  
response to Dan Ingalls'


	- remove Deprecated Methods from 3.8
	- moved all new deprecated method to *39Deprecated

	- 0001824: Add methodNode>>generate, fix senders to use it
	- 0002513: arcTan: returns angle in strange intervale
	- 0002118: Integer class >> #primesUpTo:
	- 0001109: ScrollPane code/comment mismatch
	- 0001734: [ENH] remove deprecated Chronology methods in 3.9 [cd][su] 
	- 0002570: [Fix] When Color pret†y printing it is hard to read the  
light tan literals against the white background.
	- start of a ReleaseTest (testing for Undeclareds etc...)
	- BorderedMoph.st from Connectors

	- Change Set:		versionCats-bf
	  Author:			Bert Freudenberg
        Show method categories in version listing. Particularily  
useful when checking
        overrides, where the only thing changed is the categorization.

	- Change Set:		systemSupportFixes-bf
	  Author:			Bert Freudenberg
	  Fixes to SmalltalkImage
	  - rename readDocumentFile to recordStartupStamp, which is what it  
does nowadays
	  - changesName is full path now, like imageName
	  - derive full name for new image or changes from image path  
primitive, rather
	    than default directory (in all regular cases they are identical)

	- Change Set:		AnnotationMorphFix-wiz
	 Author:			(wiz) Jerome Peace
	 Made some style changes to the annotation preference widget.  Two  
things. put the
	 extra button in a better place. Made a more harmonious aspect ratio  
for the panels.

	- contains a fix related to tools in context of traits
	- fixing underscores (_ -> :=)
		in '38Deprecated' 'Tests' 'SUnit' 'SUnitGUI' '39Deprecated'  
'CollectionsTests' 'Compression' 'Files' 'FlexibleVocabularies'  
'Monticello' 'MonticelloConfigurations' 'Movies' 'Nebraska'  
'PackageInfo' 'PreferenceBrowser'  'Protocols' 'ToolBuilder-Kernel'  
'StarSqueak' 'Sound' 'VersionNumber' 'Tools' 'ToolBuilder-SUnit'  
'ToolBuilder-MVC' 'Services-Base' 'SmaCC' 'SMLoader' 'SMBase'  
'ToolBuilder-Morphic' 'Speech' 'ReleaseBuilder'

	- contains TextAnchor fixes of lukas
	- fix underscores in some packages (more to come) this is why this  
is slow to load
	- French mac os x emergency halt
	- Extracted ReleaseBuilder from SystemSupport

6718 includes

	call 'TheWorldMenu removeObsolete' to cleanout obsolete ref.
	0002542: Morphic testing failure, Morph>>overlapsShadowFormbounds
	revert Decompiler>>#decompileBlock:
	ServiceAction>>perform:orSendTo: for romain
	----- Adding andreas packages
the latest version of
- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Balloon/Balloon-ar.9.mcz
- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Balloon/Flash-ar.1.mcz
- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Balloon/TrueType-ar.1.mcz

- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Balloon/Morphic-Balloon-ar.1.mcz
- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Balloon/Morphic-TrueType-ar.1.mcz
- http://source.squeakfoundation.org/Graphics/Graphics-ar.25.mcz


	Some Changes form the ClosureCompiler
	Name: SUnitGUI-lr.4
	- changed the label from 'Essential Test Runner' to 'Test Runner',  
since there is no other 	anymore this makes no sense to distinguish
	- renamed the button 'Run All' to 'Run Selected' to avoid confusion
	Change Set:		fileinUndeclared-bf
	Date:			12 January 2006
	Author:			Bert Freudenberg
	When filing in, do not ask whether it's okay to moveclass var to  
Undeclared. Just move it.
	Change Set:		DebuggerMVCSchedulingFix-dtl
	Date:			12 December 2005
	Author:			David T. Lewis
	Mantis bug 0002359: Debugger in MVC opens in next available Morphic  
	Name: CollectionsTests-zz.11
	Author: zz
	Add more tests to several Collection classes : Array, Association,  
Dictionary, Heap, Interval, 	LinkedList, OrderedCollection,  
SequenceableCollection, SortedCollection
	All tests are green ;-)
	added haltOnce (with halt on count, inspect at count, and inspect  
until count)
	removed emptyCheck from OrderedCollection removeLast, removeFirst

Here's the changelog:

	Change Set:		isSourceFileSuffix-M1407
	Date:			15 September 2005
	Author:			tim at rowledge.org
	A trivial change to FileStream class>isSourceFileSuffix: to remove  
the spurious seeming
	inclusion of '*' as a legitimate source file suffix.  Seems to break  
	Change Set:		selectorsWithArgs-md
	Date:			2 January 2006
	Author:			Marcus Denker
	Make Behavior>>#selectorsWithArgs: use symbol>>#numArgs.
	Much simpler: one line. And it fixes a bug.
	Change Set:		removeUndefTest
	Date:			14 January 2006
	Author:			Marcus Denker
	removes UndefinedObject>>#test, which was a test method for  
alternate syntax
	0002373: ParagraphEditor >> #makeCapitalized: comment is not correct
	Change Set:		SysWindowClean01-wiz
	Date:			18 January 2006
	Author:			(wiz) Jerome Peace
	wiz 1/18/2006 15:34
	Ok. I think that does it.
	Removed unused preference and SystemWindow methods that use it  
Mantis # 2532.
	Change Set:		decompileBlock-md
	Date:			24 November 2005
	Author:			Marcus Denker
	A  simplification for BlockContext>>decompileBlock:
	The Method got the tempNames by compiling the source of the method.  
	is already implemented in methodNode tempNames... thus not needed here.
	remove emptycheck for Heap>>fist and SequencableCollection
	#first, #last, #middle
	0002514: [FIX] condenseSources (was: Re: [Q] Removing changes file  
	Delay startTimerInterruptWatcher
	to fix
	0002379: BlockContext>>decompile broken, ProcessBrowser does not work
	0002377: Cannot rename a project from its window menu
	0002497: MNU when changing title on Morphic Project
	0002415: Error after one presses ESC key two times.
	0002145: KlattFrame: ZeroDivide exception when the value of ro, rk  
or ra is 0
	Change Set:		FileListCodeDNUfix-efc
	Author:			Eddie Cottongim
	Apparently Object got (errantly?) registered with FileList as a file  
reader. This was throwing 	some DNUs. This simple doit unregisters  
Object and appears to solve the problem.
	Change Set:		RemoveAlternateSynPref
	Change Set:		PlusToolsAlternateSyntaxFix
	Date:			14 January 2006
	Author:			Marcus Denker
	The horrible alternateSyntax hack has been removed in 3.9. This fixes
	three methods in the plustools to not use definitionST80: but  
	- move Behavior>>#scopeHas:ifTrue: to *39Deprecated, fix the one sender
	- JMMRemoveExtraIndexCheck: faster second...8th
	- fix open file directly
	- WindowColorRegistry (Hernán Tylim)
	- Fix to open real Workspace

the new update contains
	- debugger fixes (asked by diego) and done by marcus
	- Services integration (I asked romain to send me the RB engine  
services so soon we will be able to
	have access to all the RB operations from all the browsers). I got  
some merge problems with MC but it seems to be resolved.
	- A nice cool and fast TestRunner Thanks lukas this is great  
(integrated by marcus)
	Marcus removed the old one from the Tools package.

new update + new file on the server:
	- adrian fixes for traits.
	now if you use the standardtoolset you will not see the traits if  
you do not need them.

	- Tim VMMaker fixes and cleanups
		VMM38-64bit-imageUpdates.1.cs -
		VMM38-gc-instrument-image.1.cs -

		usefull cleanups
		RemoveLeftoverVMMbits-38b4.1.cs - cleans out some leftover vmm  
methods that shouldn't be in the image
		WideStringPrimKill.1.cs - performance cleanup of left over string  
		LocalePluginAddins.1.cs - change methods to make use of  
LocalePlugin if it exists.

> Mantis-1092-MorphDropFix, fix by Edgar De Cleene (edc) and Scott   
> Wallace (sw)
> Mantis-0503-TargetSighting, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1015-SnapView, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1771-ClickExerciser, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1625-Thumbnails, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1484-TrashHalo, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1454-ArrowPrototypeFix, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Mantis-1347-ListDoubleClick, fix by Jerome Peace (wiz)
> Reviewed by Juan Vuletich (jmv)

	integer printOn:padded 2229
	character fixes 2254
	date fixes 2117
	compiler fix of lukas evaluate:in:to:notifying:
	http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=1041 LowSpaceAndInterruptHandler-3- 

- http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=2229 integer printOn
- http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=2254 character fixes for Smacc on MC
- http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=2117 date fixes
- compiler fix of lukas for evaluating
- http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=1041 Yes david finally :) Low  

Traits have been pushed in the update stream.

     - compiler fixes so that we can load code with MC
     - flaps fixed
     - browser fixes
     - underscore fixes of bert
     - stroke event fixes of bert

  ToolPlus changes of andreas.

     - Basically some fixes by bert of MC
     - Some changes in the classBuilder necessary for traits and some  

(script 1)
     morphic splitter
(script 2)
     deprecated + CurrentProjectRefactoring + collection tests
(script 3)
     explore label + print fixes + Network fixes+ starMorph +  
SMloadder + double initialize
     Removed dictionary fixes + Delay class comment + TTCFont speedup  
+ menuMorph enh
     + handMorph cursor enh

-> fix #testAsMutator in Collection
-> fixed some tests in Kernel
-> fix undeclared vars in ClassRenameFixTest

-> removed TempNameCache from CompiledMethod

fix two Undeclared:
- MCGOODSRepository referenced KKDatabase directly
- MCVersionTest: add instVar "visited", fix a method to use

- add isRBToken

- remove the warning in #methodSourceContainingIt
    (This is quite fast now... under a minute)

->0001759: GradientCache
->Change Set:        RemoveUnusedTempNameCache-bvs
->0001757: [ENH] New example method for HtmlFileStream class
->Change Set:        CategorizerFix
->Subject:        [BUG][FIX] Class>>rename fix 6/2004 (needs approval)
->0001732: [Fix] Event handler warning still incorrect in 3.8. Time  
it was corrected.
->Change Set:        NumSelectionsInViewFix-nk
->0001688: [BUG] [ FIX] noticeMouseOver-wiz (sm)
->delete GeeMailMorph class>>initialize (DNU)
->Change Set:        ProjectViewYellowMenu-fc
->Change Set:        SystemWindowLabel-fc
->Change Set:        QuickieDropShadowFix
->Change Set:        SqueakMapSystemVersionFix
->0001663: [FIX] TextEmphasisMagicNumberCleanup-fbs
->A simple Stack class
->improved Magnitude comment
->Move http related methods from MC into the network package
->0001761: Exeption Hangling in SmaCCParser use undefined method
->001766: [Fix] Preferences Help not working Squeak 3.8
->Change Set:        UpdateProgress
->fix to make toolbuilder apps look better with lookenh
->Deprecated methods now in dedicated package

The LookEnhancements are now merged into 3.9a:

Highlights of this release:

  -> Hernan Tylim's great Preference Browser
  -> Monticello now loads patches when updating from  

More complete list of changes:

  -> register conflictchecker in FileList
  -> integrated method from ToolBuilder-Spec
  -> Change Set:        AlphaNumUID
  -> Change Set:        MakeArrows-sps
  -> Bugfix: use isDoit for testing doit selector
  -> comment for #openMorphicProject
  -> remove class SyntaxTestMethods.
  -> remove class for the proxyeditor
  -> categorize all uncategorized methods of package system

Change Set:        DecompileTree
Date:            30 January 2005
Author:            Dean Tribble, Alexandre Bergel

Allow a single method to be properly decompiled.

Change Set:        PreferredKeyboardPosition-fbs
Date:            7 January 2005
Author:            Frank Shearar

Update 5994 included a bunch of methods with badly spelled names.  
This changeset corrects those spellings

Change Set:        LayoutFrameReorg-fbs
Date:            17 January 2005
Author:            Frank Shearar

This changeset simply moves a bunch of unclassified methods of  
LayoutFrame class into the instance creation protocol.

0001516: [ENH] FlapTab performance improvement
Michael Latta <lattam at mac.com>:

"When working with some performance tests I noticed that FlapTab was
consuming too much time repositioning itself when morphs in the world
view resized. The attached change list cuts the time for
FlapTab>>ownerChanged by about 33%. With 9 tabs on my image it
amounted to a 3% overall improvement. The changes involve testing for
position changes before making them so it does not reposition to the
same location, and using symbols rather than strings, and == rather
than collection>>includes:.

Change Set:        FTPMultiLineResponseFix-nk
Date:            19 January 2005
Author:            Ned Konz

The FTP protocol (RFC959), allows for multiple lines responses to  
If a response is multi-line, the fourth character of the first line  
is a $- and the last line repeats the numeric code but the code is  
followed by a space.
This CS fixes our inability to deal with such responses.

Change Set:        HTTPProxyPrefs-hpt
Date:            10 December 2004
Author:            Hernan Tylim

This changeset is part of the Preferences Refactorings. The idea is  
to start moving all the user preferences and settings that are  
currently dispersed on the image to the Preferences class to be  
Preference instances. For more info look into the PrefViews-hpt  

The changes present on this .cs are simple refactorings on HTTPSocket  
to make it use getter and setter to access to the http proxy info,  
which will be stored on Preferences instead of class variables.

Change Set:        6681PhonemeRecognizeMorph-dd
Date:            28 August 2005
Author:            Dominique Dutoit

Remove the hard-coded bounds and tell the morph to resize itself if  
its content doesn't fit.

Change Set:        WindowColorPrefs-hpt
Date:            8 December 2004
Author:            Hernan Tylim

This changeset is part of the big Preferences refactoring that  
started on 3.8 with PrefViews-hpt, and PrefViewsRegistry-hpt.
On these previous changesets we prepared Squeak to use Preference  
instances to store any type  of preferences, not only boolean. This  
changeset will move where squeak stores its window colors preference  
to regular Preference instances, so they will be editable from the  
new PreferenceBrowser

Change Set:        TimeProfileFullMethodNames-efc
Date:            27 August 2005
Author:            Eddie Cottongim

TimeProfileBrowser was truncating method names making it a real pain  
to use on long selectors. This turned out to be a bug; MessageTally  
creates new instances of itself to do its work but fails to pass  
along the length preferences, and uses a short default length.

This changeset makes it pass the length preference down.

Highlitghts in this release:

-> ConflictsChecker integrated (just a handfull of methods, no  
classes and important to have around)
-> FastSocketStream replaces SocketStream
-> MultiLevel undo/redo patch integrated
-> Preference for auto-indenting
-> alternate "SQ00" syntax support removed.
-> Many small fixes and enhancements
-> first steps to add URI and ToolBuilder (both not yet complete)

A more extensive list can be found below.

On the TODO List
   -> LookEnhancements
   -> patches from ToolBuilder
   -> MethodAnnotations
   -> .....


New Packages: ToolBuilder*

Change Set:        WideStringPrimKill
Change Set:        ConflictChecker
recategorize Array>>isLiteral under testing
001382: 3.8 performance regression - ByteSymbol>>#hash again

- remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax
- removed dialect support from DialectStream
- renamed DealectStream to ColoredCodeStream

-remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax

- remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax
- Moved RuleDate, RuleIndexDate and RuleSelectionCodeDate in package  
on SM
- Change Set:        fasterDayOfYear-brp:
- Change Set:        JonClassCommentBlank

- 0001673: [ENH] Unclassified method moved to proper category.
- 0001674: [ENH] More useful comment for `Morph roundedCorners' method
- 0000589: Changing text style in text view fails with  
TextMorphForEditView dNU: selectFrom:to:
- removed dialect support from DialectStream
- renamed DealectStream to ColoredCodeStream
- Change Set:        MultiUndo-v2-sps: MultiLevel undo/Redo for  
- 0001685: [ENH] Added example (demo) method to the  
TransformationMorph class.
- 001720: [BUG][FIX] TickIndicatorMorph-stepTime-huma
- remove recognizeCharactersWhileMouseIn:
- Change Set:        PreferredKeyboardPosition-fbs

-Change Set:        UUIDGeneratorSeedFix-nk
-Change Set:        FastSocketStream-gk: replaced SocketStream by  
-add Impara's URI package (not yet functional, more changes needed)

- add realValue to SmaCCToken

- remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax
- Change Set:        MultiUndo-v2-sps
- Change Set:        AutoIndentPreference-mikki

- remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax
- really delete the Character Recognizer
- Change Set:        AutoIndentPreference-mikki

- remove support for #SQ00 alternate Syntax
- Change Set:        ConflictChecker
 From ESUG:
- Multi-pattern selection added for the StandardFileMenu
- Minor refactoring of FileList2, and a new class
   called FileChooser for selecting a file to open.
- Change Set:        ObjectExplorerWrapperEnh
   (display classnames when error occurs)

Change Set:        BitMapFillFix01-wiz
0001018: Grab new morph from screen can produce a null form.


-> 0001382: 3.8 performance regression - ByteSymbol>>#hash
-> add contains: to Collection (for compatibilityu with visualworks)
-> changes LookupKey class>>#key: to use basicNew
-> adds Collection>>#do:displayingProgress (thanks to Phillippe  
-> moves some methods of SequencableCollection from other in-image  
      to package Collection:
          - do: aBlock displayingProgress: aString
          - groupsOf: n atATimeCollect: aBlock
          - groupsOf: n atATimeDo: aBlock
-> String>>#string
-> fixes OrderedCollection and Set to not call initialize
-> 0001532: Remove some VMMaker methods to package
-> Change Set:        revertAsExplorerString-dew
-> Change Set:        DelCompareTiming
-> Change Set:        Misc018-HeapIndexCallback
-> Change Set:        ByteArray-doubleAt
-> Change Set:        TextLinkValidateFix-nk
-> Change Set:        CollectionPrintingEnh
-> Change Set:        CollectionPrintingEnhFix
-> add isArray
-> fix for: 0001553: [FIX][BUG] Set>>atRandom: is not random
-> Change Set:        raok-elementPrinting
-> introduce self evaluation for printing
-> adds Character>>sameAs:
-> adds the expandMacros* methods from the RB to String
-> Change Set:        WeakKeyDictionaryNilsFix
-> Move SparseLargeTable from Multilingual into Collections
-> add isDictionary

-> moved primitiveNode into another category
-> Change Set:        defaultClassCategory-hboon
-> adds format: textOrStream in: aClass notifying: aRequestor  
contentsSymbol: aSymbol
-> adds format: textOrStream in: aClass notifying: aRequestor  
decorated: aBoolean
      (both from RB)
-> add Compiler class>>recompileAll
-> Change Set:        6603CleaningUtilities
-> make Decompiler>>decompileBlock use BlockCtx>>endpc

-> Change Set:        HexFixes

-> moves an sunit method into sunit package

-> Change Set:        HexFixes

-> Change Set:        mimeTypesFor-brp
-> fix for 0001508: misleading message if .sources not found
-> Change Set:        FileDirectoryFix
-> Change Set:        UrlToText-fbs
-> FileNameDo

-> Change Set:        ColorfromUser-fc
-> Change Set:        ColorTimeArray-fbs
-> Change Set:        BasicNew-md
-> Change Set:        FasterDistance-spfa
->  a patch to the PNM support
-> introduce self evaluation for printing
-> Change Set:        TextStyleWriteSF2Fixup
-> Change Set:        HexFixes

-> 0001287: [ENH] Integer primality testing
-> Change Set:        CategorizerFix
-> Change Set:        TimespanEqualityFix
-> an additional translated string from esther
-> Change Set:        EasterDate
-> make Object>>-> to call Association basicNew
-> 0001532: Remove some VMMaker methods to package
-> Change Set:        IntegerByteEncodeFix-850-v1-laza
-> Change Set:        KCP-0112-FixCanUnderstand
-> Change Set:        deprecate-isKindOThenDo
-> Change Set:        IntegerReadFromBaseFix-369-v2-laza
-> fix for 0001423:       [BUG] BlockContext>>valueWithArguments  
issues misleading error when sent non-Arrays
-> 0001033: Inconsistency in naming of the formal parameters in  
certain methods of the True and False classes.
-> add Object>>isArray
-> introduce self evaluation for printing
-> delete RenamedClassSourceFileRead
-> adds Behavior>>formatterClass and Behavior>>prettyPrinterclass
-> query methods for Behavior (which*)
-> change ClassDescription>>reformatMethodAt: to use prettyPringerClass
-> added to CM: allLiterals, getSource, literalsDo:, messagesDo:,  
methodClass, refersToLiteral, sendsSelector:
-> changes CM>>methodNodeFormatted... to use prettyPrinterClass
-> Added to Object: error, needwork
-> Change Set:        HexFixes
-> Change Set:        ObjectExplorerIntegerBases-v2-laza
-> Change Set:        6603CleaningUtilities
-> comment for CompiledMethod>>methodClass
-> add BlockContext>>endpc: the end of the block bytecodes
-> add isDictionary
-> Change Set:        SemaphoreWaitAndWaitTimeoutFix-jf

-> Change Set: EsthersTranslations
-> Change Set:        WebpageMorphFix
-> Change Set:        MorphicEvtPos-wiz
-> Change Set:        fasterHScrollbar
-> removed component1
-> moved groupsOf: methods to collection package
-> removed the broken WordNet / Translation  entries in the menus
-> removal of docPane
-> Change Set:        KCPrmCharRecog
-> Change Set:        TextLinkByKbd
-> removes a call to Object>>#isKindOf:thenDo:
-> Change Set:        DisplTextSol3
-> removed call to depr. method  in NewParagraph
-> Change Set:        MetaMenu-fc
-> fix for  eventRecoder to work again
-> Change Set:        ListText-bf
-> Change Set:        WatcherDoubleClickFix-nk
-> Change Set:        revealPlayer
-> Change Set:        StarMorph-wiz
-> Change Set:        MorphInAScrollPane-fbs
-> removed PDA
-> Change Set:        6603CleaningUtilities
-> 0001626: New comments to two methods
-> 0001634: [ENH] Improved comment and new example methods for  
-> move WebPageMorph to Scamper
-> Change Set:        MorphicPerformance1-efc
-> 0000807: Setting a dotted lines gradient fill property to true in  
view invokes emergency debugger
-> Change Set:        MorphicPerformance1-fix1-efc

-> Change Set:        HexFixes
-> Change Set:        MorphicPerformance1-efc
-> Move SparseLargeTable to Collection package

-> Change Set:        objectSocketFixes

-> 0000597: Network-TelNet WordNet broken, should be removed
-> Change Set:        icsMimeTypeAddition
-> Change Set:        MimeTypeFix
-> Change Set:        HTTPServerDirectoryFix
-> Change Set:        MailComposition-fc
-> Change Set:        FTPSymbolicLinkHack
-> Change Set:        UrlToText-fbs
-> Change Set:        SocketStreamPrintString-dew

-> Change Set:        PhonemeRecognizerMorphFixEnh-dd

-> Change Set: EsthersTranslations
-> cleanups for WordNet removal
-> Change Set:        KCPrmCharRecog
-> Change Set:        defaultClassCategory-hboon
-> fixes two methods to use aClass prettyPrinterClass
-> fix for CodeHolder>>#addOptionalAnnotationsTo:... from Ned (was  
part of RB overrides)
-> Change Set:        WorkspaceBindingPresence

-> Add a synonym for #unloadModule: t
-> Change Set: EsthersTranslations
-> Change Set:        LocalePluginAddins
-> Change Set:        searchFix-bf
-> Change Set:        MisspelledWarning
-> removed component1 reference
-> 000915: [BUG] [FIX] Preferences fontConfigurationMenu don;t open  
and is incomplete
-> Change Set:        VMM38-gc-instrument-image
-> Change Set:        VMM38-64bit-imageUpdates
-> cleanups for WordNet removal
-> 0001410: [BUG][FIX] "HTTPClient examplePostArgs" is broken
-> deprecated Utilities>>isObject:memberOfOneOf:
-> edit discardOddsAndEnds because of removals
-> Change Set:        PrintShowingDecimalPlacesFix-dtl
-> a fix to make DigitalSignatures work again
-> Change Set:        SystemChangeNotificationFix
-> Change Set:        UrlToText-fbs
-> changed testFormatter to use prettyPrinterClass method
-> removes SystemDictionary discard3d, discardSoundAndSpeech,  
-> Change Set:        CaseAwareDropHandler-spfa
-> Change Set:        6603CleaningUtilities

-> Change Set: EsthersTranslations
-> Change Set:        MethodReferenceEnh
-> Change Set:        ProcessBrowserRegisterProcess-dtl
-> Change Set:        MessageTallyIndent-dew
-> Change Set:        FileList2
-> Change Set:        KCPFixBrowserOrganization
-> Change Set:        FixDebuggerOpening
-> some changes from RB overrides
-> Change Set:        classCommentStamps-dew

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