Monticello 2 alpha release

Colin Putney cputney at
Fri May 5 06:10:51 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

After all the interest at Monticello 2 at Smalltalk Solutions, I  
figure it's time to get it out there for people to play with. It's  
alpha quality with all the usual disclaimers that go along with that:  
don't use it for code you don't want to lose, and don't use it in  
images you can't afford to throw away.

That said, there is some interesting stuff here. This is a completely  
new implementation - it shares no code with Monticello 1. Some of the  
features of the new model:

- method level history
- class extensions that can include variables
- easy partial merges
- better performance
- better scalability
- more compact repositories
- atomic updates

So far the user interface is... spartan... so not all these features  
are accessible yet. Features still to be implemented:

- tracking of class and variable renames
- versioned change sets
- finish the user interface
- networked repositories

You can download the installer from the URL below. I've created a  
SqueakMap entry, but I can't seem to create a release, so it's a  
manual file in for now.

Naturally, documentation is forthcoming, and feedback is appreciated.


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