Box-Admins Team Report for April, 2006

Ken Causey ken at
Fri May 5 15:28:20 UTC 2006

The box-admins team is reponsible for seeing that the community shared
server is maintained and setting up any new features to be hosted on
that server.

I said there would be more to say about the new support for Subversion
on the community server.  I can say that as far as I'm aware it is ready
but it has not yet been fully tested nor is it being used yet.  Marcus
requested the setup but has not been able to come up with the time to
get things started on his end yet.  Hopefully he will find some time
soon to work on this and will let us all know when it is ready.

Responsibility for the site was transferred to
the website team some months ago but that team continued to use the
account previously setup for Bruce O'Neel for updating the site.  To
continue the transition I went ahead and changed the configuration and
permissions so now anyone with access to the website team's account on
the server can also access the FTP site for updating.  Unfortunately I
did not take into consideration the fact that the release team would
need access to add updates to the update stream and to upload new image
releases.  Once this was pointed out to me I went ahead and gave the
release team access to the website account.  This works for now but some
thought needs to be given to how to better coordinate this in the

Other than giving Marcus a hand with a mailing list issue (forwarding
messages sent to old defunct ezmlm lists to the new matching mailman
lists) it was otherwise a quiet month. 

I want to thank the community for the monetary support
needed to fund these boxes and remind them that the bills continue to
appear and that you can currently contribute to the hosting bills by
going to

and clicking on the 'donate' button at the top right.  Note that a
donation here may be used for other Squeak Foundation services including
but not limited to development, development infrastructure, and
promotion of Squeak.

The services being hosted have continued to grow and include (but are
not limited to):

SqueakMap - (new subversion repository, not yet populated)

and DNS services for and domain names.

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