Resist being picked up

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Sat May 6 04:52:41 UTC 2006

Hi Chris,

CM>  We find
CM> Morph>>#stickinessString asks #isSticky.  Morph>>#isSticky asks
CM> its exrtension, so, on MorphExtension, you can "browse inst var
CM> defs..." of "sticky".
CM>  This will lead you to the setter, #sticky: which, browsing
CM> senders, we find Morph>>#beSticky.
CM>  This is an example where the TMB pays dividends..

say it out loud. TMB is TracingMessagesBrowser, and the dividends are
"Browsers you don't have to open and close". I'm waiting for the day I
get a millionaire in saved windows!

Can't advertise this one enough :-))


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