Monticello 2 alpha release

Colin Putney cputney at
Sat May 6 14:23:42 UTC 2006

On May 6, 2006, at 2:32 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

> Hi Colin,
> after loading the ToolBuilder prerequisite I managed to install MC2
> with your load-script. I think there is a problem in the load order of
> the script, I had to load it twice to make it work, the first time it
> complained about some missing classes, such as MDSlice, ...

Yeah, I think you're right. I suspect the issue is that MC2-Squeak  
needs to be split into pieces - on the that loads before Monticello2  
and one that loads after. I forgot to mention the dependency on  

I've been thinking about what sort of documentation to write up. Send  
me your questions and impressions as you play with it, and I'll see  
if I can work them into the docs.



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